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So, you want to apply for a teacher training course and are wondering “What shall I put into my UCAS personal statement? How can I promote myself?”  Well, this blog is aimed to help you to answer just that.

Show us your passion for teaching

The University of Chester runs a variety of different teacher training courses, which means I can tell you exactly what we want: somebody who really wants to be a teacher! Being passionate about wanting to teach children and then showing that you have done something about it is one of the most important aspects. So, tell us about what has inspired you to want to teach, whether it was a favourite teacher or an experience in school.

Draw on your volunteering experience…

Mention whether you have volunteered or worked in a school and which year groups and then explain what have you learned from this. You may not have had the opportunity to volunteer in a school but have done some other work with children such as volunteered with cubs/brownies; been a sports coach; or helped with drama groups. You should refer to all of these experiences within your personal statement.

… And other skills and qualifications

With a profession like teaching, universities really want to understand what makes you unique. Explain what transferable skills and qualities you have gained from previous jobs. Teacher training courses are also very academic, so we do need to know that you are hardworking and conscientious. Talk about how your previous qualifications will help you with the teaching training course you are applying for.

Tell us about you

Finally, we do like to know what else you are interested in as we think that teachers should be well-rounded individuals. Let us know if you have any other interests or achievements, especially if the skills are transferable. Many of our applicants have taken part in award schemes such as the Duke of Edinburgh or have travelled abroad and learned about different cultures. Having a special interest in topics such as sport or music is always helpful, especially in a primary school!

Final checks

You should also ensure you have done enough research on the course you are applying for, structure your personal statement well so that you are clear and concise, and finally, don’t forget to proofread your work and check that you have included everything required.

Hopefully this blog has started you thinking about all the amazing things that you have achieved so far, and how you can promote yourself to the universities you will be applying for. If you need further assistance on how to apply then you can always speak to our Faculty staff.  Good luck!

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