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Dr Dawn Llewellyn and Dr Paul Middleton from the Theology and Religious Studies Department of the University of Chester took part in Radio 4 discussions on last week’s Catholic Synod on the Family, led by Pope Francis.

 Dr Dawn Llewellyn, Senior Lecturer in Christian Studies, discussed infertility and voluntary childlessness with Edward Stourton on Sunday.  Pointing to the Pope’s recent pronouncement that couples who choose not to have children are being selfish, Dr Llewellyn said there is a lack of positive role models in the Christian Church for women who cannot or choose not to have children.


Meanwhile, Dr Paul Middleton, Senior Lecturer in New Testament and Early Christian History, appeared on Beyond Belief.  He told host Ernie Rae that the variety of ways in which family life is expressed means the definition of the family today is “simply a collection of people joined together by blood, choice, or circumstance.” 


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