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Over the past two years, the teaching of responsible and sustainable tourism practices has been brought to life for students by exhilarating travel examples from the EDGE, which operates discovery treks to such world treasures as Machu Pichu and Mount Kilimanjaro.

Cementing the partnership in a unique way, the EDGE team proudly flew the University of Chester tourism flag at 17,600 feet recently, on its latest trip to Everest Base Camp on the south side of Everest in Nepal.

The founder of the adventure travel company, Dave Pickles, said: “Everest Base Camp is the iconic base camp leading to the highest mountain on our planet which, duly, has its own incredible reputation. EDGE Travel Worldwide organises and leads trips all over the world, including a 13 day trek up to base camp and then also trekking a little higher to Karla Patthar at 5,550m, where we get to look out and on to the South Col of Mount Everest.

“The thoughts, feelings and shear effort needed for this trek are huge but absolutely achievable for anyone to accomplish.

“Flying the University of Chester flag at Everest Base Camp was a proud moment and hopefully shows that building an effective relationship takes strong focus, passion, belief and effort, but every bit of it is worth it.”

Programme Leader for International Tourism at Chester, Dr Maeve Marmion said:  “It’s been fantastic to learn more about EDGE Travel Worldwide and how they are passionate about ensuring tourism stakeholders around the world benefit as much as possible from their organisations’ activities. They also work hard to try and minimise the environmental impacts of their travel experiences, take their responsibilities very seriously and are a valuable partner for us.”

Dave Pickles added: “EDGE Travel Worldwide is proud and happy to be a professional industry partner of the University of Chester. From day one it has been a pleasure to interact and work together moving forward on various ideas and projects.”

Chester Tourism student Olivia Jones has reached her own heights of success after an eight week degree placement with the company whilst studying for her degree.

Working on their ethical tourism strategy, Olivia was highly praised for applying her skills and helping to put the company’s practice in place further in the countries it visits. Olivia, who graduated earlier this month with a first class degree, had such a good experience with EDGE Travel Worldwide and was so inspired by ethical tourism that she has chosen to specialise in this area. She is now studying for a Master’s in Responsible Tourism for her future career. 

Olivia said: “The highlight of my placement with EDGE was being able to apply the skills and knowledge I gained during my degree to a real organisation. It was whilst doing the project work for Edge Travel Worldwide I was motivated to apply for an MSc in Responsible Tourism.

“Having a lasting positive impact on a company and the way they would operate moving forward was extremely rewarding and made me want to continue to make positive change by pursuing a career in responsible tourism management. When done right, responsible tourism has the potential to make the world a better place. In the future, I would love to work in a charity campaigning for ethical tourism worldwide, to ensure that everyone involved in tourism benefits.

“I would highly recommend studying Tourism at the University of Chester. All of the staff share the same passion for the subject and the support offered by the Tourism Department throughout your degree is second to none. I truly believe my experience at the University of Chester has made me who I am today and I owe a lot of thanks to the Department for all of my achievements so far.”

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