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Warrigton Time Square

Students and staff were involved in an extensive review last year, which identified the need to reconsider the current location on Crab Lane, Fearnhead, in favour of a site which is more fit for purpose for current and future demand.

Acting on this feedback, the University is in the process of negotiating a lease on a property in the regenerated area of Time Square. This prime position, benefitting from high footfall, will enable more people to engage directly with the University through an information and learning hub. The flexible space will be used for a variety of activities and events to educate and innovate.

The central location will allow students and staff easy access to public transport and leisure and retail facilities, with greater opportunities for spending the ‘student pound’ and contributing more towards the town centre economy. A second building near Time Square will accommodate most of the spaces for the University’s core teaching, including specialist facilities. The footprint may ultimately extend beyond this.

Students and staff have been updated about the exciting developments over the past 24 hours. More information will be released as soon as the new premises details have been confirmed.

The University will transfer all its provision to the town centre by September 2022 and it is considering options for its current site, in close consultation with Warrington Borough Council. Care will be taken to preserve the campus’s history, in discussions with alumni. Warrington Wolves, whose training facilities are currently on campus, have been kept appraised.

Professor Eunice Simmons, the University’s Vice-Chancellor, said: “Warrington is a dynamic and forward-thinking town and our higher profile will facilitate tapping into potential new markets, including higher-level vocational skills alongside traditional degrees.

“Warrington is also a town with a strong sense of social responsibility, which aligns perfectly with the University’s strategic vision to provide our ‘Citizen Students’ with a ‘premium, personalised and purposeful’ experience.

“For example, many members of the public in Warrington may already have been taught, treated or protected by our local Education, Health and Social Care or Policing graduates without realising it! We look forward to working more closely with employers, schools and partner colleges to support a joined-up approach to local and regional employment needs.

“Talking to our students and staff and other stakeholders, we have been able to evaluate our current provision and understand fully how best to realise our ambition to broaden the reach and accessibility of the University in Warrington.

“The move also enables the University to be embedded into the Warrington economy, responding to both local need and demand whilst focussing on areas of growth and providing strategic support for the post-COVID economic and cultural recovery.”        

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