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Choosing the right university for you can be a difficult decision to make, especially if you haven’t had the chance to visit any universities of your choice. Attending an Experience Day was one of the best decisions I made - meeting current students, staff members and getting a good feel of the campus vibe. It was especially beneficial being able to get a close insight into the life of an undergraduate Marketing student. This immediately made my decision super easy. So here are some of my reasons for why you should attend the University of Chester Experience Days.

Meeting Your Lecturers and Current Students

Understanding how lecturers teach and the support they can offer is an essential part of your degree. Afterall, you’ll be choosing a university which you will be studying at for the next three to four years, or even longer! Your lecturers will be who you turn to for guidance and help, meeting them in person is so important in order to feel like you’ll receive the best support possible. At Chester Business School, this was the immediate feeling I received off staff members and students. The lecture and seminar rooms weren’t too big and intimidating, I was reassured many times by staff members and students that I would feel very apart of the University rather than an application number which is still true today! For me, first impressions are so important and having friendly and welcoming staff members assured me that I would have no trouble contacting lecturers for academic guidance. Each staff member was happy to answer any questions or queries I had about the course, being very reassuring, which is one of the reasons why I chose University of Chester to study Marketing Management.

Visiting Accommodation

Exploring accommodation options was the perfect opportunity to get a good understanding of the type of accommodation available. The University of Chester offers full board, half-board and self-catered accommodation types with optional en-suites, which gives you as prospective students the choice to select an accommodation type which will suit you and your budget. By looking at all accommodation types available, you can get a good idea of what you want by the time it comes to applying for accommodation later in the year. This way, you avoid being disappointed and know exactly what to expect. At Chester, you get shown a variety of accommodation types on an Experience Day, so you can view different board types and prices to suit you. The University of Chester will also show partnership accommodation, going that extra mile to accommodate all prospective students.

Campus Tours

Campus tours are a great way to properly explore and understand the basic elements of a university. If you haven’t had the chance to do this before, don’t worry because the University of Chester offers in-depth tours which are great - they give you a feel of not just the University itself, but the societies available, sporting activities, support departments available, Chester city centre and much more! A campus tour also gives you the chance to ask any questions, either about the University or student living in general. The best part is that it can give you a sense of what size to expect the University to be, this way you can decide whether a smaller campus such as Chester is right for you, or if you prefer a bigger campus in a larger city. Campus tours at the University of Chester’s Experience Days are especially beneficial as current students, like me, deliver the tours. This is the perfect opportunity to quiz students on academic studies, student life or even just Chester city centre.

Those are some of my main reasons why attending a University of Chester Experience Day was so beneficial. Not to mention, there are loads more, but these were the most important aspects to me when choosing to study at Chester. Don’t forget to book onto an Experience Day and good luck!

Sam is one of our online student ambassadors, so you can ask her any questions you may have, or chat to one of our other students:


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