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Fresh from the success of his first song ‘Temporary Virtual World’, Ben ‘Sven’ Stafford has released his second song titled ‘When I Get Out’. With lockdown restrictions in England easing further this weekend, Sven sings about all the things he has missed and what he is looking forward to being able to do once again.

Sven, originally from Glossop, studied Popular Music at both undergraduate and postgraduate level at the University. His new song and accompanying video, which he has uploaded to YouTube, is in collaboration with Professor Ben Broughton, Head of Department for Music, Media and Performance at the University.

Sven, who graduated in 2018, now works full time as a Technician in the Music, Media and Performance Technical Team at the University’s Kingsway Campus. He said: “Ben and I were talking about how we miss the little things, like drinking coffee with friends, as well as the bigger things, like holidays abroad. It’s rare that something in the world changes your personal circumstances so radically, whilst simultaneously changing everyone else’s - that’s what led me to document the situation as most of us were likely to be feeling the same way.

“The song started off very simple, but being the eager musicians that we are, it got longer and more intricate as we were recording it! Once we noticed the passing resemblance to the music of Queen, we decided to embrace that direction. The song is more personal than ‘Temporary Virtual World’, and was slowly written around phrases and themes that had recurred from our conversations.”

Ben contributed guitar to the song and features in the video with a guitar solo. He said: “It is really important that whilst we are in lockdown, music continues to flourish. It is such an important part of all of our lives, so playing on this track and collaborating with Sven was a real pleasure.”

Sven added: “We hope that it helps people remember how good life can be, and will be again. Right now, the situation appears to be looking up, which is great news, and whilst the song was written earlier in lockdown, it’s great to be moving closer to reunions with loved ones. Overall the song is a message of reassurance to everyone who hears it - we’ll get there, don’t you worry!”

The YouTube video also includes a ‘virtual Sven’, made possible through Second Life by the Art and Design Department, who used the software to provide virtual tours of the Final Year Degree Show. With the help of fellow Technician, Chris Millward, Sven was able to create a virtual avatar of himself in the video. You can view the video here.


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