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David  has shared his experience in Chester from the viewpoint of a US native!

I am having a tremendous time at the University of Chester. Here are some quick things I have learned while living here:

1) Saying you're American is actually quite presumptuous

This is because there are several "Americas." There is Central America and South America etc and we're from the "United States of America." Similar to saying the "Czech Republic" is the same as saying you're "Republican" or from "the Republic?" The most common phrase you hear is that I'm from "the States." Still not totally correct, but just their slang for the USA.

2) Sunday Roasts are delicious!

This British classic provides you with a ton of food! They are also eaten earlier in the day, like around noon. If you get the chance to have one (may be a bit expensive depending on your budget) they are definitely worth it, and many times you can get two meals out of one!

3) A Full English is a great price and a lot of food!

I love them. They're a little different wherever you go, but it's typically a great value.

4) Travelling to Europe is amazing!

My wife and I have found flights for as little as $40 (£30) for a roundtrip to Ireland. You can literally take the train all the way to Paris. We have saved some travel points, but always end up buying the flights straight out because they're so cheap. Some places to check for cheap prices are Flybee, Ryanair, and Since coming here we've been to Ireland, Prague, Switzerland, Demark, France, Germany and all throughout England.

5) America has a BIG tipping culture, the UK not so much

 People tip, maybe a pound at a pub but it's not as expected. And you may tip your taxi the remainder of your money to round it up to the nearest whole pound. It's just not as common to tip delivery people, bartenders, at some food places- that's not to say you shouldn't. You totally should if you really enjoyed your experience! It's just not as "expected."

6) Lastly and most importantly, this experience could be an AMAZING one if you are open to embracing changes

 If you come to Chester, expecting to retain all of your traditions/beliefs/behaviours/habits then ask yourself why you travel in the first place. Come here and just try new things - try the Christmas Market, try new foods, try to be more patient, try to talk to new people, and try to see the world from another perspective. You may find out more about yourself! Being rigid, won't allow you to learn as much. Being flexible will lead to new experiences and, to be honest, more fun!

You can follow David's adventures in Chester on his US in the UoC Facebook page! 

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