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As Global Entrepreneurship and International Business students here at the University of Chester’s Business School, we have had the opportunity to apply our entrepreneurial mindsets through founding The Goat Tree, a social enterprise handcrafting and selling 100% pure cosmetic Argan oil, where 20% of our profits are reinvested into welfare projects. The Business School not only offered us modules tailored to those with an entrepreneurial mindset, but also opened many doors through enterprise competitions, including the Santander Enterprise Challenge which offered the opportunity to not only win £1000, but also connect with business associates offering sound advice and tips on some of the most important aspects of a business start-up.

Furthermore, the Young Enterprise Competition not only took The Goat Tree to the regional finals in Blackburn and the national finals in London, but all the way to Oslo in Norway for the European finals where we were given the opportunity to represent the University of Chester and the United Kingdom. Nobody thought that this trip could have been any better, but after presenting our mission to an audience of 200 people, we were approached by a scout who has put The Goat Tree forward to represent the United Kingdom in the International Track of the Fifth China "Internet+" University Graduates Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award, at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. Quite literally the icing on the cake. 


Walking into my first year back in September 2017 as a Global Entrepreneurship and Business Management student I was adamant that one day I would have my own successful social enterprise. Some would associate success as having a lot of money in their bank account, with a big car and house, but for me a successful company is not just about making a lot of money but the positive impact you can have on the people around the world. That is where my passion lies, giving me 100 times more satisfaction than the figure I see on my bank statement. The Global Entrepreneurship course encapsulates a wide variety of modules which furthered my understanding of how entrepreneurial endeavour can be fulfilled whilst getting to grips with, what my dad would refer to as, the “mechanics of successfully running a company”. Some of the standout areas for me from my time as a first and second year student was not only the competitions mentioned above, but also the guest speakers from a variety of industries including John Lewis and Partners, and the BBC, all of which offered advice and inside tips on what could potentially give you unique selling points or further your value added proposition.


“Being Italian with an Arabian background exposed me from a young age to an international environment that allowed me to learn several languages including Italian, Arabic, English and French. Studying International Business Management with French at Chester Business School is giving me the chance to connect my international knowledge gained by living in different countries, with business concepts taught in the different modules of my programme. The two years of my degree has enhanced and expanded my business French language skills up to the point of being accepted to undertake an internship at HEC Paris in France, one of the top business schools worldwide. The three months spent at HEC Paris really increased my knowledge of French business language and connected me with the brightest business minds around the globe. I made connections with top consultants and MBA students that are giving me advice and mentoring me on how to maximise The Goat Tree’s true potential. This wouldn’t be possible if Chester Business School didn’t have great connections with top business institutions worldwide. I truly believe that enrolling on the International Business with French programme has given me the tools needed in order to take The Goat Tree to the next level. For instance, the business side of the course has allowed me to put into practice theories and concepts studied over the two years into The Goat Tree. The other side of the course, that is the study of the French language, has given me the ability to deal with all the bureaucracy and documentation needed for The Goat Tree in Morocco (as it was a French colony, the business language in North Africa is French). I would never have been able to achieve certain goals or have the tools to initiate a business that aims to operate internationally, if I didn’t have the knowledge gained by studying International Business Management with French at the University of Chester Business School.




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