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Starting University is a big deal; whether you have just left college and are moving away from home for the first time, are taking on study alongside raising a family or returning to education after a long time away; whatever your situation, it brings new dynamics, fresh challenges and lots of change. It’s an exciting time but we understand that it can be daunting and that things can come up during your time at university that you may not be prepared for.

We want all students to know that the Wellbeing and Mental Health team is here for you; no matter what your stage at university and no matter what may be going on in your personal or academic life. Our team sits within Student Services and consists of Wellbeing Advisers, Mental Health Advisers and Counsellors. Whichever site or university centre you are studying at – the team is here for you.

What do we do?

Let’s start with Student Wellbeing Advisers – this team of advisers has a broad knowledge of university processes and support options available to students. You can book a 30-minute appointment with one of our advisers which may take place over telephone, video call or in person at some sites. During this appointment you can talk about anything that may be affecting your wellbeing or studies; the adviser will listen, give advice and support options, and will create an action plan to support you in your next steps.

Our Counsellors provide a short-term counselling service which students can refer themselves to. They can help with all sorts of concerns; some of the common themes seen by our counsellors are stress, anxiety, depressed mood, low self-esteem and interpersonal problems. Counsellors provide a dedicated, safe space to work with you in achieving your counselling goals.

Students who are suffering from emotional or psychological distress, may also be referred to our Mental Health Advisers who can provide guided self-help and support, links with local mental health services and education around managing mental health.

We do other stuff too…

As a complement to our one-to-one support, the wellbeing and mental health team deliver regular group sessions throughout the academic year. Some examples of sessions that have taken place this academic year include:

  • A four-part relaxation programme to promote calm and help with anxiety and stress
  • Online selfhelp sessions on topics including motivation and mood, sleep, social anxiety and unhelpful thinking
  • A male mental health group aimed at providing a safe space for men to talk about their mental health
  • Student Parent Network – this peer support network, currently being developed, is for students who have caring responsibilities for children

We also have a 24/7 Student Assistance Programme which students can access 365 days of the year. You can call the dedicated helpline to access emotional support and practical guidance in the moment. Through this service you can also speak with legal advisors and access telephone-based counselling.

You can also download the ‘My Healthy Advantage App’ for confidential access to webinars, four-week programmes, information sheets and much more. You will find out more about these options when you enrol with us.

So how can you get in touch?

We have a centralised InfoPoint team who can take your questions and queries, book appointments and refer you to the appropriate teams within Student Services. To get in touch, you can call the team on the number on the back of your student ID card, email, or click here to for all services.

We hope you have a wonderful time at University of Chester, but please remember, if it gets hard or you are struggling, get in touch with the wellbeing and mental health team and we will help.

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