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International students can take advantage of a wide range of sessions to improve their University experience.

Attending University is an exciting time but there can also be times of stress and anxiety- especially when you are moving to a new country and adjusting to a new culture.

Our Wellbeing and Mental Health team within Student Futures can provide students with practical information, advice and guidance to improve their University experience.

A full list of services provided can be found here.

Student Futures also provide a range of termly, wellbeing sessions aimed at improving mental and physical health, meeting new people and having fun!

To view this term’s Wellbeing Calendar, please email:

Here are some of the sessions on offer:

Bread Baking Sessions

Chaplaincy invite students to drop in to partake in their bread baking session. Students do not need to bring any equipment or ingredients, except maybe a tupperware box to take the baked goods home in! These sessions have expanded from purely baking bread to different baked goods dependent upon student’s requests!

Craft Sessions

Led by a member of the arts team in the Faculty of Education an informal craft session takes place weekly. No equipment or experience is necessary, drop in, take part and chill out while making a variety of craft based activities.

Volunteering Drop-In

The Volunteering and Mentoring Team will be available to ask any questions you may have relating to either volunteering or mentoring roles. Whether it ranges from how to log your volunteering hours, to finding a specific volunteering experience or getting involved with any of the student led projects that the Volunteering Team are responsible for. Drop-in and speak to a member of their friendly team!

Assessment De-Stress

Led by a member of the Wellbeing and Mental Health Team this is an hour long session for students to explore different ways to help them de-stress throughout this stereotypically stressful period. This will be an interactive session looking at proactive ways to look after yourself and minimise your stress levels wherever possible.

Food is Mood

Delivered by an Active Wellbeing Adviser, the aim of the session is to discuss how different foods can support or hinder our moods. We also look at different options of foods on tight student budgets!

Look After Your Mate

Led by a member of the Wellbeing and Mental Health Team this is a Student Minds initiative to support those students who are worried about a friend and want advice on how best to support them. The workshop will explore the current student climate and how best to support others whilst ensuring we are looking after our own wellbeing and mental health too.

Time Management

It is really important that students are able to manage their time effectively to ensure they are working as efficiently as possible, in the time given. Time management should not only be related to academic work but also to help students prioritising things that are important to them like meeting with friends or being part of a society as these are things that can help to keep us well. This will be an interactive session aiming to give students skills to manage their time to the best of their ability!

Walk and Body Talk

Led by the Active Wellbeing Adviser this session is an opportunity to students to have a stroll and talk to others about any worries or stress that are currently troubling them.

Love Your Body Session by BEAT

A BEAT Eating Disorder Charity ambassador will deliver a session on how to challenge negative thoughts we may experience about our body and start to appreciate the things we can do and achieve.

Body Positive Exercise Class

Led by a member of the fitness team this will be a free exercise class celebrating what our bodies can do and achieve as opposed to how they look.

Doggy De-stress

Therapy dogs will be coming on to campus to help de-stress students throughout this stressful period!

Body Positivity Session

Led by members of staff from both the Wellbeing and Mental Health Team and Active Wellbeing Team the session will explore ways in which to change how we feel and view our bodies and to celebrate the good things that we can achieve with them.


To view this term’s Wellbeing Calendar, please email:

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