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The Wellbeing and Mental Health team itself provides practical information and advice to students on a whole range of areas.  This includes a group of professional counsellors that is available for students to make appointments if they would like or need them. There are also more staff which can help with one-time problems. They also host a number of wellness sessions throughout the year, from guided meditation to stress busters to time management and many more – some led by staff and some by students – all of them trying to stop students from over-stressing.

Sport and/or the gym isn’t for everyone, but some people do find exercise a de-stressor. Alongside the swimming pool and the gym equipment, the University also has an Active Campus scheme running – free to all students and staff. The ambassadors on the scheme, myself being one of them, run each of the activities, in hopes for people to turn up, enjoy themselves and leave feeling less stress then when they arrived.

When people first thing of a chaplaincy they normally think of religion – or at least I did when I first went there. And although it, is they are also welcoming to everyone. no matter what religion (if any) they have. The Chaplaincy has a quiet room where people can pray or meditate – and as soon as the doors are closed to that room, everyone makes sure not to disturbed the person inside. They also host a baking session every Tuesday, making cakes, bread or whatever we think of on the day.  We aren’t always the best bakers, but we don’t care; as long as we enjoy the time it doesn’t matter what the cake ends up looking like.

These are only a few examples of ways to de-stress at university – I’m sure you will find what works for you. But this is one of the most important things to learn to get through uni – make sure to take time out for yourself.

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