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The city of Chester is like no other. Its unique atmosphere, paired with affordable living, historic architecture and great transport, make it the perfect place to live as a student.

We love Emma’s snap of Chester that really showcases the beautiful city centre architecture packed with history.


ye olde CH ☁️

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Walking around the city walls is the best way to see Chester. Following in the footsteps of the Romans you’ll see everything from the largest stone-built amphitheatre in Britain, to panoramic views of the River Dee.

Previously known as Deva, Chester was founded in the year AD 79 as a Roman fort. Pictured in Victoria’s photo is the iconic Eastgate Clock which was the original fort entrance into the city. The clock itself is one of most photographed clocks in the United Kingdom, second to Big Ben.

While the city is packed with history, Chester balances big name shopping, eating and living, making it a lively 21st century city. Chester was awarded Purple Flag status in 2018 in recognition of the entertaining, diverse and safe nights out the city has to offer.

Chester’s award-winning cultural centre, Storyhouse, welcomes the best home-produced and internationally acclaimed work, offering a programme of dance, opera, drama, music and comedy.

Our student-friendly city hosts a year-round schedule of music festivals, food and drink markets, sporting events, parades and the Chester Races, meaning there is always something to do.

Below is Kate’s photo of the Chester Races and Courtney’s photo of Chester Zoo.

Chester’s location and unique atmosphere, packed with history and lively city life, are what we believe makes it the perfect home for our students.

If you would like to find out more about student life in Chester visit our webpages.

We love receiving photos throughout the year, so if you have a picture you want to share with us use the hashtag #MyChesterStory or tag us in @uochester.


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