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At the University of Chester (UoC), we know that faith is absolutely central to the identity, culture and values of many of our students. This is why our multi-faith chaplaincy is an important community for you to be aware of and connect with!

In this blog, we are going to tell you all about UoC Chaplaincy, what it can offer you as an international student and how you can get involved.

Who Are The Chaplaincy Team and What Do They Do?

The team includes a diverse range of chaplains, as well as a much wider team of associate chaplains and faith advisors representing a variety of faiths.

The team are here to offer pastoral and personal support, as well as provide lots of opportunities to contribute to their vibrant and growing chaplaincy community.

It’s a common misconception that chaplains only work with people at challenging times in their lives. However, our team offers much more besides!

Chaplaincy hosts a range of events and activities throughout the year to help you build connections and get involved in university life. Follow chaplaincy’s social media feeds to find out what’s on:



Meet The Team!

Gill Reeve: Senior Chaplain and Dean of Chapel

“Hi, I’m Gill and I am Senior Chaplain and Dean of Chapel. Prior to being ordained in the Church of England I worked regionally in faith-based community engagement projects and in the NHS for many years as a Speech & Language Therapist.

I am currently a William Temple Scholar, studying for a PhD in Religious Studies.”

Muslim Chaplain: Aziz Patel

“Hi, my name is Aziz, and I am the Muslim Chaplain at the University of Chester! I am currently a visiting Imam at different Mosques in Merseyside, and I also teach classical Arabic and take part in a few local community initiatives.

My role involves identifying and responding to the faith specific, pastoral, cultural and spiritual needs of the Muslim students and staff. Whether it is a faith related issue, a request for a prayer or just a general chat, I will always be ready to listen and support.”

Methodist Chaplain: Andrew Herbert

“Hi, my name is Andrew, and I am one of the chaplains here at the University of Chester. I am a Christian involved with the Methodist church and a 'local preacher'. My previous roles include managing a Methodist church in the centre of Chester, then leading a crisis support project.

I enjoy listening to people and offering pastoral support and I am equally passionate about encouraging community to grow by opening up safe, welcoming spaces.”

Hindu Chaplain: Raj Mistry

“Hi! My name is Rajnikant Mistry (known as Raj) and I am the University of Chester Hindu Chaplain. I have voluntarily worked with various Indian organisations and Hindu temples and in UK and I have also started youth groups in Leicester, Warrington, and Preston.

My aim is to create a warm and welcoming social environment for students and fulfil the religious needs of the Hindu students.”

Fi Iddon – University Centre Shrewsbury Chaplain

I'm Fi, and I'm the Chaplain at University Centre Shrewsbury.  We love being able to welcome students here to study with us, and to introduce you to our lovely town. 

I'm usually around UCS on a Tuesday and can be found either in chaplaincy or in Cafe Bean.  I love a cuppa and chatting to people so please come and join me!

Colin Shinjo Salmon – Associate Buddhist Chaplain

Hi, I’m Colin Shinjo Salmon and I’m the Associate Buddhist Chaplain. I was introduced to meditation in university and went on to explore a variety of Buddhist traditions before choosing to pursue Zen practice.

As Associate Chaplain of the University of Chester, I organise Buddhist meditation events for students and staff and can be contacted via

The Chaplaincy Team is also made up of several other Chaplains and Associate Chaplains who represent a wide variety of faiths! To see a full list of our Chaplaincy Team Members, go to

What Else Do the Chaplaincy Team Offer?

Whatever your religion, beliefs or worldview, there are plenty of ways to get involved with our Chaplaincy Team!

Community Hub and Chaplaincy on Exton Park: a safe & welcoming drop-in space

Next to the Binks Building (on Exton Park, Chester) you will find the newly refurbished ‘Community Hub and Chaplaincy’.

The hub was built as a ‘home’, so it retains that feel with its smaller, cosy rooms: a lounge; a quiet sanctuary space; craft and games rooms and a small study space. There is also a kitchen for making drinks and heating up food.

The space offers a safe and welcoming environment, where you can relax, contact the team, meet other students, get involved in conversation, receive support, and enjoy activities.

The Garden

Behind the hub, accessible from a path up leading to a new decking/seating area, is the chaplaincy community garden!

Transformed from a bare patch of land in 2023 by our very own students, the beautiful space now offers a pond, raised beds, plants, fruit and veg, and a small greenhouse. There are even tadpoles and tiny froglets in the garden pond!

It is here that the student-led chaplaincy gardening group meets every Tuesday (11am–12:30pm or 1:30pm–3pm). No experience is needed and it’s a great way to meet new people and get active. There is a shared community lunch at 12.30pm using produce from the garden.

There are plenty of ways that international students can get involved with our chaplaincy team, so why not try something new!

For more information about UoC chaplaincy, please email

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