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If you’re anything like me, once you’ve settled into university life and got to grips with your degree course, your thoughts will start turning to the end-goal of graduating and how to fill the gaps in the work experience section of the all-important CV. Becoming a Student Ambassador is one of the best ways you can do this and still have time for everything else that’s going on in your life.

That said, what does becoming a Student Ambassador entail? After applying for the role, you will attend a training session where you are taught the general line of conduct to follow as a Student Ambassador, what the job involves and  what responsibilities Student Ambassadors hold.

One of the key things I gained during the training was a better understanding of what services, facilities and activities the University has to offer. I learnt that there are different pitches for many different kinds of sport, including football, American football and Quidditch. I also learnt the location of a number of different departments, including Modern Languages, and how to get to each of the University campuses from the main campus on Parkgate Road. 

There are three roles which can be undertaken as a Student Ambassador. Firstly, giving campus tours; which consists of taking a group of people around the campus at designated times in order to give them a general overview of all buildings and facilities on site. Secondly, giving accommodation tours; which consists of showing a group of people around one of the accommodation buildings on campus, describing to them what that form of accommodation is like. Lastly, there is signposting; which consists of standing in key areas of the campus to answer any questions visitors at the Open Day may have, and pointing them in the direction of the building they are seeking.

While each of these roles is rewarding in their own way, they all share the same ultimate goal: to help prospective students and their parents understand whether the University of Chester is what they are looking for, and to help them to figure out which kind of accommodation is most suited to them. Illustrating what Chester has to offer outside of university can also be quite helpful to aid prospective students in their decision.

So, why should you become an Ambassador? There are many perks to the job. Although the hours invested in this role qualify as voluntary work, the University rewards its students for their hard work by providing them with Tesco vouchers. In my experience, many a meal deal was funded by the Ambassador scheme! What’s also great about this role is the flexibility of the working days and hours. You are able to apply for the days you are able to do, and if you have lectures or other personal commitments on an Open Day, the Ambassador team are always happy to work around that. I also found working as an Ambassador a great opportunity to let off some steam after handing in an assignment or to change atmosphere after a hard week of studying.

One of the aspects I appreciate most about the role is the camaraderie of working on the ambassador team - there’s nothing like bonding with fellow Ambassadors while standing in a sudden downpour giving directions to rain-soaked families! Having recently graduated this summer, I can attest to the importance of taking on roles such as this throughout my degree course, as holding down a less flexible job while studying is not something most students would find easy to juggle. Most importantly, being able to obtain some transferable skills to put on my CV has come in really handy now university is over, and the scheme organisers have been indispensable as a supplementary referee for my job applications.

Overall, there is much to be gained through the Student Ambassador scheme. On a personal level, during my three years at Chester I was so immersed in university life that it was sometimes hard to realise just how far I had come. Meeting people who were in the same position as me before enrolling made me realise just how much I had grown and what I had accomplished since starting university.

Interested in becoming a Student Ambassador?

You can find our more information about our Student Ambassador Scheme here.

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