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There are so many universities out there that the choices seem endless! But, once you’ve done some initial research about the course you’d like to study, it’s a really good idea to visit some Open Days to make the choice between universities easier.

So why go to an Open Day? Well…. Open Days help you to get a feel for the university. Do you like the campus? Is it too small or too big for you? Is it easy to understand getting around? Do you like the buildings there? The people? What are the current students like? What do they think about the university? Is that what you also want out of your university experience? And most importantly – I think at least – are you happy there?

Before I went to Open Days I didn’t know what to expect from a university.  The first two Open Days I attended at other universities were so different from each other it was impossible to compare them!  But by visiting, I knew that those were the types of campuses I didn’t like. At one of them, I didn’t like the feel – the campus being so big it was like being a town almost.  Nor did I like the smallness of the other university.  So after those visits I tried to find something in the middle, which, in the end, led me to Chester.

Now, obviously everyone is different, but it’s because of those differences that Open Days are the best way to see what suits you. If you just stick to looking online at the course page and looking at pictures of the campus – some of which might not even be the right campus! It could look great in photos but maybe it’s not right for you personally. Or maybe you had almost written off one university but, after going to an Open Day, realise that you love it there. You’ll never know. Maybe you’ll learn something you didn’t realise by going on the trip, and hopefully you’ll have fun.

Good luck!

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