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There is more to life at university than late-night study sessions and lectures. Whether you’re a first-year student wondering what university life is like or a second-year or third-year student who didn’t get to do much previously, I’m here to encourage you to join a society or two with my top six reasons to join a society at university.

Socialising - make new friends outside of your course

The best way to make new friends who aren’t on your course is through societies. You are more likely to meet someone who shares your interests in a group of individuals of varying ages, nationalities and qualities in general. This is a great chance to meet new people, socialise and make new memories. There are several social events, including nights out, pizza parties and movie nights. This allows you to enjoy your time without worrying or talking about coursework while also strengthening ties outside of your course.

It looks good on your CV

Whether or not it is at the forefront of your mind at the moment, joining a society at university will have a positive effect on your CV. Joining a society offers the chance to hone transferable leadership skills, public speaking abilities and organisational traits that prospective employers will notice. These abilities that you develop and polish will help you stand out from other candidates and provide you with an advantage when applying for employment, internships and placements. The advantages of joining a society are limitless. It gives you a wealth of experience to draw from when speaking or having an interview.

Step out of your comfort zone

Regarding trying something new, getting involved in a society is a great approach to getting outside of your comfort zone. There are countless societies available for you to join, including volleyball, MMA, the Marvel society, academic societies and more. The appeal of joining a society while at university is that you can do it as a novice and pick up brand-new skills. There’s also no need to feel shy or nervous when there are other beginners as well, (at the very least, you can be embarrassed together as friends). If you’ve always wanted to try something but were too afraid or simply never got the chance, now you can give it a go.

Improve your fitness

As well as societies, the University offers a wide variety of sports, from basketball and hockey to volleyball and ultimate frisbee. You don’t even need to be particularly skilled in your chosen sport. It’s an opportunity to keep your circulation flowing, move your body at least once every week and let endorphins flow. Joining a sports team may help you stay motivated when it comes to exercising. If you socialise with your friends while exercising, you’re significantly more likely to commit to working out and participating in a sport. You could also join the University’s fitness centre.

Time management skills

It takes a lot of skill and exceptional time management to balance lectures and seminars, required and supplemental reading and assignments in addition to your chosen societies. Having to do everything simultaneously enhances your organisational and time management abilities, allowing you to set priorities and stay on top of things without falling behind in your studies.

Represent the university 

Who doesn’t enjoy some friendly rivalry and the chance to win bragging rights? Embrace the opportunity to represent your university. This is a chance to promote yourself and the University in a favourable light, whether it’s at a sporting event, a debate or just a partnership with other institutions on fantastic projects. Make a difference by actively promoting causes you are passionate about while also making a contribution to society.

These are but a few motivations for joining a society while attending university. It’s not too late if you’re currently in your second or third year. At any point, it’s crucial to pick up new skills and make new acquaintances. 


Find out more about clubs and societies at the University of Chester.

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