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Studying abroad is a great way of broadening your horizons and enhancing your academic experience.

As a member of ISEP (the International Student Exchange Programme) and Erasmus, and with our own Study Abroad team, we are able to offer you a range of exciting opportunities to take your learning to another country.

So long as you achieve good grades in your first year, you may have the opportunity to study at an overseas university for a full academic year. We have links with overseas partner institutions, including in the USA, Mexico and Australia, through our Bilateral Exchange.

With placements available around the globe, a study placement abroad won’t only look interesting on your CV but will also enable you to get involved with an overseas student experience.

Here’s what some of our current students had to say about it.

Studying abroad is something that is advertised by a lot of universities, and is especially highlighted to those studying a language degree. However, did you know that you don't have to study a language in order to do your year abroad? Did you know that actually the majority of departments here at the University of Chester offer a year abroad placement, studying in another university abroad (or if you are going to do a degree over at the Business School, then you have the opportunity to work in Disneyland Florida for the year!).

I am currently in the study abroad process, and will hopefully be going to Federation University, in Melbourne, Australia. The process can be quite competitive; however, there are three options to go about it.

You can go through the Erasmus scheme, and attend a university in Europe for the year. You can go through the Study Abroad team and attend a partnership university. Or, finally, there is an option called ISEP, which is a huge database of all the universities that offer an exchange that you can apply to. I am attending one of the Universities partnership universities thanks to the Study Abroad team.

The opportunity to study abroad is an amazing one, because it allows you to grow and develop both personally and academically. It allows you make lifelong friends and gain further independence, and helps to further your academic abilities. And as a further bonus? The University really help and encourage you to do this because it looks amazing on your CV.

When I've spoken to previous people about their experience of studying abroad, they couldn't stop talking about how amazing it was, and quite a lot of them told me about their plans to move there or go back over to visit when they graduate.

Studying abroad is a fantastic opportunity offered from the University of Chester and is one of the reasons I chose to study here. The University has a range of options for you to take and in some cases you may be able to study abroad as part of your course, especially if you are studying one of our modern foreign languages. As I study Psychology, my degree was initially set at three years, but when I was told about the study abroad schemes that are offered and how cheap they can be, it was a no-brainer to sign up.

Chester has a number of different programmes to choose from, including ISEP, bilateral and Erasmus. These programmes are available to every student and you do not need to be doing a specific degree in order to apply. I chose to apply through ISEP, as it gives you the opportunity to be placed in a foreign uni for a year in a country of your choice, and there are hundreds of options to choose from including the US, Canada and Australia, as well as many European countries. I’ll be flying off to Toronto, Canada next year.

The second option which is also commonly chosen is the bilateral exchange, which is very similar to ISEP, with the one exception that you are pretty much guaranteed a space at your chosen uni. This is because the universities in the bilateral exchange are partnered with Chester and have very close relationships, meaning that although there are fewer options, there is a strong likelihood of you getting in.

Erasmus is slightly different and is only available within a number of courses, and is a European exchange programme that lets you choose between a few universities around Europe to study at. The Erasmus scheme is beneficial in the sense that the European Union gives you funding towards your exchange and the cost of living in Europe is significantly lower, meaning you have more money to spend on food and travel.

But to answer the main question, studying abroad is something that is very expensive and using the schemes that the University of Chester offers reduces that price significantly. In addition, going abroad is an incredible experience and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will mature and develop you as an individual.

Students who go abroad in their studies also achieve higher grades in their final year, demonstrating how it can help your academics also. Overall, studying abroad with the University of Chester is an amazing opportunity and I am thrilled to be able to go to Canada to further my studies.


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