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As the name suggests, the Work Based Learning module provides students with real-life experiences to aid their academic learning, provide them with practical skills, and engage in reflective thinking about their journey towards employment within a sector of interest.

Gain real-life work experience

Our dedicated Work Based Learning team have secured placements for our students with thousands of providers across the UK, working with regional and national employers.

Not only is gaining experience within the sector that you’re interested in invaluable, but you have a much higher chance of success in the job market after you graduate.

Develop your skills and knowledge

What you learn at university will set the course for your future, but the learning process doesn’t stop the day you graduate. Gaining practical experience to develop the skills and knowledge you learn in university is a core aspect of your development.

Work Based Learning gives you this room to grow while studying, providing you with practical skills you can demonstrate to future employers.

Bring a fresh perspective

Your Work Based Learning experience will also have a huge impact on the organisation that you’re working with. As an extra pair of hands, you can focus your time to a project or area of work that hasn’t been looked into, or needs more support.

Bringing new ideas to the table can allow a host organisation to thrive and build better working practices, or overcome particular challenges they’ve been facing. It is an excellent opportunity to make an impact and have that tangible experience for employability.

Build your networks       

While on your placement you will be able to connect with other individuals in industry and build your professional network. As you can see, Becky made the most of her networking opportunities…

On a serious note, making these connections now could be integral to your future career. Many students on placement have gone on to gain employment within their host organisations after graduation.

Have a good time

Don’t forget that yes, you’re here to learn and develop your professional skills, but you chose this course because it’s something you want to do with your future.

The people you meet, the experience you will gain, make sure to have fun with it. It’s just a taster of what’s to come!

All the photos in this post have been posted by host organisations or our students. If you would like to share your Work Based Learning placement with us, use the hashtag #MyChesterStory and tag @uochester.

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