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The social work profession is caring, reflective, advocating and fast-paced. I decided to study towards an MA in Social Work in order to equip myself with the high-level skills to further my knowledge and expertise and start a rewarding career in the sector. The two placement opportunities included in the programme will enable me to utilise the learning gained in the classroom when working with vulnerable adults, children and families.

Deciding to study at postgraduate level involves much consideration. I always find that hearing about other people’s experiences helpful in making big decisions, so here are my three reasons for studying MA Social Work at the University of Chester:

1. The University

First up is the University of Chester itself. I decided that having this postgraduate qualification would look great on my CV as a newly qualified social worker due to the University’s well-established links with employers. Furthermore, the Social Work courses at the University of Chester have recently just won ‘University of The Year’ at the National Social Worker of The Year Awards hosted in London.

The Social Work courses have strong connections to voluntary and private agencies, as well as being a part of the Cheshire and Merseyside Social Work Teaching Partnership; this widens the opportunities for student placements and future career options. The University’s Careers and Employability Team also offers Social Work students a comprehensive service that includes assistance in securing and preparing for interviews.

The Social Work courses are based at the newly opened University Centre Warrington site. This new, modern, vibrant location is perfect for us students, with accessible parking, public transport links and local eatery choices.

2. The teaching staff

Secondly, my experience with the teaching and lecturers on the social work course has been nothing but positive. All lecturers have been registered social workers in their respective fields and are active researchers in the social work domain. This means that the course is delivered by high-level professionals who have been on the front line, offering a varied approach to learning.

Lecturers and personal tutors reply to emails promptly and facilitate a ‘no question is a silly question’ environment, furthering the notion that the course is a safe space to learn and grow. Lecture PowerPoints are provided after class, and further reading is always offered to aid our understanding of specific topics (which is really helpful if you’re like me, who struggles to take in information the first time).   

3. The course

Last (but not least!) is the course content. The MA Social Work course is diverse in its learning and delivered in a way that equips you with the right skills and knowledge to enter placement confidently. Class discussions are based on essential current topics that look at all points of view through a reflective social work lens. Visiting lecturers, charities, local authorities and people with lived experience regularly come and share their expertise with us. 

Overall, the postgraduate programme in Social Work has allowed me to develop personally and professionally. Learning gained from the course (so far) has shaped my future practitioner identity and taught me to use my empathy positively to help others whilst advocating for social justice.

 My final bit of advice is, if you’re thinking of taking the leap and applying for a postgraduate degree in social work, then you should definitely just do it!

To find out more about the MA in Social Work at the University of Chester, head to our website.





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