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With Business Management degrees opening doors to more careers than other undergraduate degrees (Hacket 2016), choosing to study Business Management makes sense for your future career and is our most popular business degree choice.

At Chester we offer the chance for you to specialise in either Business Finance, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources or Marketing. The perfect choice if you’re career focused and know the area you want to enter. These courses give you the competitive edge in the jobs market.

You might prefer to study Business Management in combination with one of our other business degrees and there is lots of choice for this at our business school, including Marketing Management, Events Management and International Tourism Management. And at our Warrington Campus we have combinations in Sports, Radio Production and Advertising to name a few.

For more information about our Business Management single and combined specialism course, please contact Tao Chang, Business Management Programme Leader on:

Step up to a full Business Management degree

We also offer top up courses for those who already hold a HNC or equivalent qualifications. This is your opportunity to invest in your future career by topping it up to a full Business Management Administration degree with us.

At Chester you’ll be well supported in the transition to university study and enjoy the stunning learning environment on offer at our business school. The Chartered Management Institute suggests that Investing in skills should be on every manager's agenda (Future Forecast 2017) and 74% of managers agree that advancing skills is more important than ever post-Brexit (

So don’t delay – upskill to a full degree in just one year!

To find out more visit website or contact Programme Leader for Business Management and Administration Top-Up, Dr Connie Hancock on: or 01244 511986

Follow our graduates to success…

95.3% of University of Chester Students progress to employment or further study within six months of graduating, according to the latest Destination of Leavers in Higher Education survey. And Freia Janes is no exception, graduating in 2016, she is now a Business Account Manager at Wesleyan Bank, a business to business bank.

She says: “I focus on finding new businesses and guiding them through their process. This enables me to use my sales and accountancy skills that I learnt in my undergraduate degree. 

“I always wanted to go to a smaller university which still has all the facilities of a big city university. When I came to look round, I loved the beauty of Chester and the University as well as the course!

“I definitely came out of university as a new person with aspirations and goals for the future.”

Chloe Hatton also graduated in 2016 and is now enjoying a graduate position at MWH Global.

“If you are like me and work better in a small, intense learning environment then the University of Chester is a great option for you.

“It will push you to perform to your highest capabilities and building strong relationships, as well as allow you to feel more than just a number.”

Visit Us

If you have applied for a place or are thinking of doing so soon, why not come and spend a day with us at one of our up and coming Applicant Days?

You’ll spend the day visiting your academic departments, taking a student lead campus tour and seeing accommodation options amongst other activities.

If you are yet to apply, please call us on: 01244 512800 to talk about our Applicant Days, or email us on to get more information.

And if you’ve already applied, feel free to book on to one of our Applicant Days via our website.

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