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I haven’t had the chance to visit Chester Business School yet, what kinds of facilities do you have?

Our Business School is at the Queen’s Park Campus in Chester, offering modern, high-end facilities across two buildings; Churchill House and Bridge House. But don’t just hear it from us, take a campus tour with Kyle and Hannah!

Do you believe you as teachers work as a good team and that there’s a Business School community between staff and students?

There is a real positive community spirit between colleagues and with students. We place real emphasis on developing a positive environment and relationships as this helps with the learning experience.

There is definitely a sense of community created by the lecturers at the Business School. Everyone says hello and they know your name. Lecturers are available to talk via email or face to face whenever you need to!

What sort of experience can I get during my placement year? I am hoping to study International Tourism Management with Spanish.

There are lots of options for a placement year. You could choose to spend a year in Spain (or a Spanish speaking country), you could apply to study and work at Disney in Orlando for a year, or you could choose a UK industrial placement if you prefer - just to name a few.

What kind of accommodation is available?

How long do you have? We have accommodation suitable for whatever your preference! From self-catered, semi-catered or full board, to shared facilities or studios. Take a whistle-stop tour of our accommodation with Economics and Business Student, Muhammad.

How soon do undergraduates get jobs?

96% of our UK undergraduate students are in employment or further study six months after graduation (DLHE 2016/7).

I haven’t visited Chester yet, what is it like?

Chester is beautiful, but we may be a little biased. We know you can’t visit at the moment, but take a look at a behind-the-scenes video shoot with our students to find out why they love Chester.

Join our next Live Chat event

If you have your own questions, or would like to speak directly to students at Chester Business School, why not sign up to our Live Chat on Friday 1st May, 1pm-3pm.

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