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How did your degree at the University of Chester prepare you for your current role? 

My degree helped me develop skills in time management and independent learning, which are crucial components to the PhD. Also, the lab practicals allowed me to improve my report writing and writing skills in general.

Do you feel any support departments helped you in achieving your current role, and if so, who and how? 

Yes, I’ve always had great support from the Career and Employability department. Particularly, Brian Taylor who has helped me develop my CV throughout my studies at the University of Chester which has allowed me to secure industrial placements each year.

As well as that, the staff at Sutton Library have been fantastic in providing me with the equipment and software, which I now use on a daily basis - as well as delivering the appropriate training material.

What do you feel are the top 5 transferable skills from your degree that you use in your current role? 

  • Time management
  • Presentation skills
  • Report writing
  • IT skills Eg) Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, EndNote and Visio
  • Maths skills

What one tip would you give our current students who will graduate in the next couple of years?​

Try your hardest to start coursework as soon as soon as you receive it. It may seem like you have a long time until submission however the deadlines do creep up on you and sometimes there’s more than one.

It’s also a good idea to start revision notes at the beginning of the year and practice tutorials throughout to keep the information you’ve retained fresh in your mind.

But, most importantly, it is important to find a healthy balance between studies, social activities and sleep!

What are your tips for attending an Open Day?

Don’t be afraid to ask a question no matter how silly you may think it is.

What did you find most useful when attending an Open Day?

It was nice to interact with the lecturers and meet potential fellow peers so that there are some familiar faces when first starting university. The chance to view the campus facilities, especially for a course like mine which includes lab and IT rooms, was also invaluable.

What are your tips for picking the right university?

First off, see what the university can offer you in terms of student placements and postgraduate employment. Do they offer the opportunity for you to gain the relevant experience employers look for? Then look at how each of the modules are assessed. Some people are more comfortable with exams and some more comfortable with coursework.

Why was the University of Chester the university for you?

The course was new when I started, and had only ran one year before joining. Because it was new, the university was looking for accreditation from the IChemE. I enjoyed feeling like I was part of the journey to accreditation with the university.