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Medical and Life Sciences students have access to modern research facilities and equipment, enabling ground-breaking work, complimented by close ties with both Countess of Chester Hospital and the North West Human Milk Bank nearby. The recently refurbished seminar rooms at Bache Hall allow for small group teaching, ensuring an excellent student to tutor ratio. There is also a new faith space open for all wishing to use it.

Specialised Laboratories

Bache Hall has a number of multi-use and specialised laboratories that are well-equipped with general laboratory equipment, in addition to specialist pieces of equipment, such as state-of-the art fluorescent microscope and plate readers. The laboratories provide outstanding facilities for research involving tissue culture, cell imaging, protein analysis, molecular biology, histology and microbiology.

A student in a medical lab with equipment

Clinical Skills and Research Rooms

The clinical skills and simulation facilities located at Bache Hall are used by mental health staff, as well as any other discipline undertaking holistic assessments. Mental health professionals work in all settings, from trauma units, primary care centres, and a person’s own home. It is for these reasons that simulation forms a key element on any course.

In addition, we have dedicated rooms for individuals on clinical trials or study volunteers taking part in our ethically approved research, for example our phlebotomy room with an adjacent waiting room provides a private and clean environment for our phlebotomists to collect samples. Research clinic rooms also contain a stadiometer, body composition analyser and spirometer.

A student in a lab with equipment

Computer Suites

Bache Hall houses its own computer suite, situated next to our research laboratories. The computer suite provides access to a number of computers with software such as Microsoft Office (including Excel, PowerPoint and Word), Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) and GraphPad software.

A student in a lab with a computer
Bache Hall