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"Every day was an adventure lived through seeing and breathing a complete new culture different to my own. I met friends I will have for life, connections which one day will be invaluable and memories which will last a lifetime."

— Freya Flindell
Study Abroad USA

International Exchange

The International Exchange programme allows University of Chester students to study for a full academic year abroad at one of our bilateral exchange partners or through ISEP, a network of over 300 additional higher education institutions worldwide.

Our Study Abroad team will work with you to determine the most suitable route to increase your chance of admission.

Why study abroad?

Personal Development

  • Life changing experience which will enhance your confidence, independence and organisation skills
  • New friends and contacts from all over the world
  • Opportunity to explore new interests and exciting challenges like trekking or scuba diving

Academic Development

  • Gain decision making capabilities, increased academic interest and open mindedness
  • Varying perspectives on your area of study
  • Broaden your academic portfolio

Professional Development

  • Better prepared for the global job market than vast majority of UK students
  • More likely to be employed in graduate level work after graduation
  • Employers universally value 'transversal' skills when hiring
  • May contribute towards the Chester Difference Award through fund raising, destination specific tasks, ambassadorial activities, and much more.