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Our team can offer information, advice and guidance on subjects such as personal statements and student finance within your college, and can offer support on an individual basis for enquiries related to applications

We hold regular Access Day visits for prospective mature students, giving them the opportunity to look around our sites, meet our colleagues from Admissions and Student Support and Guidance, and hear talks on chosen subjects, such as Accommodation and Student Finance.

Mature Student FAQ

How do I apply?

Any full time course applications should be made through UCAS (Universities & Colleges Admission Service).  If you are unsure of how to apply, or require further information, please contact

I’m not sure if my qualifications are appropriate?

The UCAS website has a list of acceptable qualifications. If you’re not sure that your qualifications are acceptable, then please contact our WP Access and Mature Officer Vicki Riley

Will I receive support from the University whilst studying?

The Student Futures team at the University of Chester are second to none and strive to provide support to every student throughout their time at the University of Chester.  They are there to help with anything to do with student welfare, such as finance, childcare, disability and student development.  They also hold Mature Student Welcome Events at the start of term, at both our Chester and Warrington Campuses.

How do I find funding to attend University?

There are many forms of support available for mature students. If you are under 25 years old and are married, or have children or if you are over 25 years old when you start your course, you will be classed as an independent student, and therefore be able to apply for extra funding throughout your full –time course. Other sources of support are available for mature students, such as the 24+ Advanced Learning Loan.

Are there many mature students at the University of Chester?

At the University of Chester, over 60% of students are over the age of 21 years old when they embark on their degree.  Mature students can also sign up to the university’s Mature Student Mentoring Scheme where mature students currently in their 2nd and 3rd year help make your transition to first year as smooth as possible.

What subjects can I study?

Mature Students can study any course offered by the University of Chester or any other university as long as you meet the entry requirements of the course you are applying for.  Visit our course pages for information on the programmes available and their entry requirements.

How many hours will I be in university?

Typically, students will have around 15 hours of contact time per week.  Although this doesn’t sound too much, a lot of your work at university will be done independently, so you should factor in additional time to study.

Are there childcare facilities available at the University of Chester?

Here at the University of Chester, we do have onsite childcare facilities, at our Kingsway (Chester) campus and at our Warrington Campus. For more information, visit the Student Support and Guidance pages where you will find information on onsite facilities and external providers. SSG can also help if you are struggling to juggle University, Work and Childcare.

Do you offer accommodation for families?

Unfortunately, we do not offer family accommodation, but there may be opportunities to let from local private landlords.