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Moving to learning online has been a big shift for everyone, but one that opens up lots of opportunities. You can access the links below to enhance your skills, no matter whether you’re a novice or an expert!


Learning Platforms Matching Activity - Over the last year especially, we’ve all had to get to grips with all the different online programs and platforms, but how well do you know them? 

PDF icon Learning Platform Matching Activity

PDF icon Learning Platform Matching Activity ANSWERS

How to Spot Fake News Video and Activity - We are all used to having access to lots of information, but how can you know what’s real, and what’s not? Use this video and worksheet to help you figure out the truth from the lies.

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How to Research Online - This guide will help you develop your online research skills, which will be important to you no matter what your future path will take.

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In Conversation with Dr Hannah Ewence – Digital Skills Week 

To celebrate the second of our Digital Skills Week at the University of Chester, we caught up with Dr Hannah Ewence who has been responsible for the activities and resources for all the students in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. She tells us why digital skills are useful to students of all subjects. 

Useful Links

Google for Education – Applied Digital Skills

Microsoft Education Youtube Channel

Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Video Library

Microsoft Teams Tutorials Video Library

Microsoft Accessibility and Inclusion Video Library