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This Outreach Guide focuses on informed decision making and is aimed at Year 8 and 9 students considering their GCSE options.

We have included a range of online resources to support decisions about future pathways, including videos and activities that can be accessed and shared at a time that suits you.

If you require any of the content in an alternative format please contact us via email to


An Introduction to GCSE Options. This talk provides key information, advice and guidance about job families and where your options could take you.

Watch our Outreach Guide to GCSE Options on YouTube

Decision Making for GCSEs is an information and activity sheet designed to help students explore potential future pathways and identify a  shortlist of subjects they might continue to study at GCSE.

PDF iconDecision Making for GCSE Information and Activity

Guide to Careers and Decision Making for Parents and Carers contains useful links and tips to help broaden knowledge of educational pathways, careers and qualifications.

PDF iconAn Outreach Guide to Careers and Decision Making for Parents and Carers

GCSE Careers and Skills Mind Maps have been designed to show some of the transferable skills and careers linked to different GCSE choices. The lists are not exhaustive but a demonstration of ideas that could help students look at areas where strengths or future pathways might lie. Designed using 'Padlet', anyone can access and add to the mind maps with ideas, links and to ask questions. Click the subject links in the table below to get involved...

Art and Design Humanities Languages
Performing Arts Science Others/General 


GCSE Mythbusting is a short true or false quiz is aimed at debunking some of the myths surrounding GCSE options for students at the start of their decision making process.

PDF iconGCSE Myth Busting Worksheet

PDF iconGCSE Myth Busting ANSWERS

Ready, Steady, Job is an interactive game matching student profiles (personal skills, qualities and qualifications) to potential course/career pathways.  Students then consider their own pathways and conduct some research. 

PDF iconUoC Ready Steady Job - Activity Sheet

PDF iconUoC Ready Steady Job ANSWERS

Career Detectives is a task based work book where students can explore career pathways, linking them to GCSE subjects and begin to maked informed choices about their future goals through research.

PDF iconCareer Detectives Workbook

PDF iconCareer Detectives Workbook ANSWERS


Thinking About GCSE Options includes some useful questions for pupils to consider when thinking about making GCSE option choices. 

Our Guide to GCSE Options for Parents and Carers covers some of the things to consider when supporting GCSE decision making.

Any Questions?

Use our Padlets to post your questions about GCSE options:

Student Padlet - A place for students to ask questions about choosing their GCSE subjects.

Parent/Carer Padlet - A place for Parents/carers to ask questions about choosing GCSE subjects.

Teacher/Adviser Padlet - A place for Teachers/Advisers to ask questions about choosing GCSE subjects.

Connect with us and chat to our HE Advisors on Unibuddy. We are available Monday - Friday between 9am and 4.30pm to provide information, advice and guidance about decision making, career pathways and routes to Higher Education. 

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