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The focus of the University’s Outreach work with primary schools sees us assist Year 6 pupils with transition to high school and introduce them to the concept of higher education. We understand that this stage can be a period of significant change for young people, and we therefore aim to provide them with interactive and engaging activities that help them not only understand the transition to Secondary School, but also gain an understanding of Higher Education as well.

We have put together the following resources that can be used as standalone activities for Year 6 pupils to learn about university and think about their future.

Job Matching -  A quick, introductory activity that introduces a range of possible careers, and allows students to match the description to the role, whilst increasing their knowledge of each job. 

PDF icon UoC Primary Activity Sheet - Job Matching Game

My Brain - This interest and skills mapping activity encourages students to consider what their interests are, and what skills each interest gives them. This provides an introduction to the idea that their favourite things, both in and out of the classroom, can provide useful knowledge and skills that may relate to a future career. 

PDF icon UoC Primary Activity Sheet - My Brain

My Future: This activity encourages students to consider what their dream job might involve in greater detail, considering the training and skills involved. Students can research their chosen career online to find more detail. There is also a visual element that allows students to create an image of themselves in their future career, identifying specific clothing or equipment.

PDF icon UoC Primary Activity Sheet - My Future

My Learning Journey: A slightly more advanced activity, this activity sheet leads students through their learning journey, allowing them to establish what they know about the pathway to their future career, whilst also identifying gaps in their knowledge, to research online. This activity can be completed in stages as their knowledge and understanding grows. 

PDF icon UoC Primary Activity Sheet My Learning Journey