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Aimed at GCSE and A-Level students, our Geobites talks are designed to provide case studies and examples that map onto current studies to enrich learning. Each session is presented by a member of academic staff from the Department of Geography and International Development, and draws on their own teaching and research.  

The titles below link directly to the videos of each of the talks:

Who am I? Understanding Migrant Categories - Presented by Associate Professor Dr Ruth Healey

Curriculum link: Population and the environment – Population Change/Global Migration 

Climate Crisis (short version)Presented by Associate Professor Dr Servel Miller

Curriculum link: Hazards/Geographical debates 

Climate Crisis and Risk Management (full version)Presented by Associate Professor Dr Servel Miller  

Curriculum link: Hazards/Geographical debates 

What Makes Cities Liveable?Presented by Dr Namrata Bhattacharya-Mis

Curriculum link: Contemporary Urban environment/Human Geography

Living in Europe's Supervolcano: Volcanic Hazard and Risk in the Bay of NaplesPresented by Associate Professor Dr Martin Degg

Curriculum link: Hazards/Geographical debates

How Smart is the Smart City? (International case studies)Presented by Dr Fiona Williams  

Curriculum link: Contemporary urban environments / sustainable urban development  

Understanding Coastal ProcessesPresented by Dr Andrew Miles

Curriculum link: ‘Coastal environments’ or ‘Earth surface processes’

The Popular Geopolitics of VideogamesPresented by Dr Daniel Bos 

Curriculum link: Changing Places / Meaning & Representation and Global Systems / Climate Change and Sustainability