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Studying Maths

A Maths degree gives students skills that can be applied across a wide range of real-life applications from biology, physics, and finance to game theory and big data. Successful Maths graduates go on to careers in cybersecurity, cryptography and supply chain logistics and provide expertise for jobs in data analysis companies, the NHS, banks, etc.

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Maths Boosts

This series of six, one hour workshops, covers maths theory, examples and past paper questions and are ideal for both Year 12 and 13 Maths students across all exam boards. Follow the links below to recordings of each session and high-quality lecture notes on each topic covering the basics, right through to challenging past paper questions. 

The Maths Boost series was delivered by Rhian Taylor, Programme Leader for BSc Mathematics in the University of Chester's Mathematics Department. Rhian completed her BSc, MSc and PhD here at the University; she is an experienced A Level tutor and a full-time lecturer in Mathematics. 

Watch the session recording

Sequences and Series

This session will work through examples covering both arithmetic and geometric series. The focus will be on examination questions and preparing for different types of questions and will also cover the relevant proofs that students need to know and some hints and tips on how to remember them. 

PDF icon Sequence_Series_FullWorkedSolutions.pdf

PDF icon Sequence_Series_Student.pdf

Watch the session recording


This session will focus on geometric problems and the equation of a circle. Working through various examples of the different questions that students could be assessed on during A-Level study, and look into some challenging questions.

PDF icon Circles___Full.pdf

PDF icon Circles___Student.pdf

Watch the session recording


This trigonometry masterclass will prepare students for solving equations and proving identities. From secant, cosecant and cotangent, to addition and double-angle formulae. Starting with the basics and working through useful examples step-by-step.

PDF icon Trigonometry___Full.pdf

PDF icon Trigonometry___Student.pdf

PDF icon Trigonometry___Presentation5May.pdf

Watch the session recording

Exponentials and Logarithms

From solving equations to differentiating exponentials, this session covers worked examples in a range of different scenarios. We will recall and apply the laws of logarithms and cover some tough past paper questions.

PDF icon Logs___Exponentials___Full.pdf

PDF icon Logs___Exponentials___Presentation-12May.pdf

PDF icon Logs___Exponentials___Student.pdf

Watch the session recording


This session summarises the chain, product and quotient rules and will cover trigonometric functions, exponentials and logarithms. With step-by-step examples, worked solutions and past paper questions, this is perfect differentiation revision. 

PDF icon Differentiation___Full.pdf

PDF icon Differentiation___Presentation.pdf

PDF icon Differentiation___Student.pdf

Session recording coming soon!


The final session will cover integration by substitution, integration by parts and reverse chain rule. Students can again expect trigonometric functions and identities, as well as exponentials.

PDF icon Integration___Full.pdf

PDF icon Integration___Presentation.pdf

PDF icon Integration___Student.pdf