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Focusing on pathways and careers in all areas of science, our science resources include blogs, activities and links to online support and information giving you an insight into studying science at university.

Meet the Scientist

An Outreach Guide to Life in Science video - Meet Dr Kate Harrison, Lecturer in Immunology & Programme Leader of Immunity & Infection Msc, as she chats to Mags and Zoe from the Outreach Team all about her career pathway into science. 

Watch the Outreach Guide to Life in Science on YouTube


Science Careers 

PDF icon STEM Careers Mini Guide - A brief introduction to the diverse world of STEM careers, this mini-guide identifies different pathways and includes useful websites to help you start your research.

PDF icon Career Detectives - Science Edition - We've created a Science special edition of our Career Detectives activity to give students an insight into the wide range of jobs across the field of science and the different pathways to each of these careers.

Science Activities for Years 6 and 7

Biology, Chemistry and Physics activities designed to help pupils learn more about each subject and gain an insight into how they are taught at Secondary school.

PDF icon Introduction to Secondary Biology Activity

PDF icon Introduction to Secondary Chemistry Activity

PDF icon Introduction to Secondary Physics Activity

Blogs & Podcasts

International Day of Women and Girls in Science - Current Chemistry student, Stephanie, gives her take on the gender gap in STEM fields and explains the importance of closing it.

Women in Stem - Ada Lovelace Day - Jason Roberts, Head of University of Chester's Mathematics and Physical Sciences Department, looks back on some of the women in STEM who have directly influenced him.

COVID-19: What We’ve Learnt in Six Months - Dr Kate Harrison and Dr Gareth Nye of Chester Medical School explain what’s changed since March, bust COVD-19 myths and answer some of the questions we’re all asking.

For the Love of Maths: Being a Female in a STEM WorldMathematics student and proud woman of STEM, Jessica, offers some inspiration to us all by asking ‘What’s stopping you from doing what you love?’ Nothing’s stopping her.

The Skills Pod - Maths and Resilience Learning - Liz, Shirley and Jen give you tips and hints to take you through their experiences of maths and  resilience learning and different tools that may assist you. 

The Skills Pod - Developing your Maths Confidence - Join Nick and Liz as they share  tips and hints to take you through their experiences of developing maths confidence.

Subject Information

The following links will give you an idea of the wide range of career options which allow you to study science to a higher level.

Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences courses combine laboratory-based practical sessions, lectures and field courses. At the University of Chester, many of our Biological Science courses include specialist lectures given by practising experts in areas including forensic biology and bioveterinary science.

Find out more about the range of Biological Science courses at the University of Chester

Explore Biology Jobs 


Undergraduate Chemistry courses often include a blend of industry, innovation and academia. 

Learn more about the University of Chester Chemistry course

Explore Chemistry Jobs

Computer Science

Computer Science, Cyber Security, Games Developments and Software Engineering courses are generally taught via lectures, workshops and field trips at unversity. students often have the chance to participate in events such as industry conferences and game jams along with industry work experience as part of their course.

Computer Science courses at the University of Chester 

Explore Computer Science Jobs


University Engineering courses such as Chemical Engineering and Electronic & Electrical Engineering often focus on industry-oriented research, using cutting edge teaching and technology. This gives students the opportunity to develop technical and professional skills to open the door to working as, for example, a field engineer, research scientist, consultant or senior manager.

Discover more about studying Engineering at the University of Chester

Explore Engineering Jobs


A Maths degree gives students skills that can be applied across a wide range of real-life applications from biology, physics, and finance to game theory and big data. Successful Maths graduates go on to careers in cybersecurity, cryptography and supply chain logistics and provide expertise for jobs in data analysis companies, the NHS, banks, etc.

Learn about the University of Chester's Maths courses

Explore Maths Jobs

Medical and Life Sciences

A wide range of courses fall under the Medical and Life Sciences umbrella including: Biochemistry, Biomedical Science, Bioscience, Biotechnology, Health & Exercise Science, Medical Science, MIcrobiology and Pharmacology. Taught via lectures, seminars and practical sessions, Medical and Life Science departments have close links with hospitals and industry providing students with up to date course content and facilities.

Find out about the University of Chester's Medical and Life Sciences courses

Explore Medical and Life Sciences Jobs: Medicine and allied subjectsMedical Technology

Nutrition Sciences and Dietetics

Undertaking a degree such as Human Nutrition, Nutrition and Dietetics or Nutrition and Exercise Science equips students with the knowledge and skills to become esperts in the fields of nutrition, physical activity, food science and health.

Discover courses offered by the Unveristy of Chester in Nutrition Sciences and Dietetics

Explore Science and Research Jobs


Physics is the fundamental science that underpins much of the technology we see around us. Modern communications, transport and energy systems all originate from advances in our understanding of physics. A Physics degree gives students transferable skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, as well as effective communication and presentation skills in preparation for a challenging yet rewarding career in science.

Learn about studying Physics at the University of Chester

Explore Physics Jobs

Zoology and Animal Science

 From Animal Behavious and Welfare, Biovetinary Science to Marine Biology and Zoology, there are wide ranging pathways for students interesting in pursuing a career working with animals. Courses will be a mix of theoretical lectures and tutorials alongside laboratory and work-based learning in the UK and overseas.

Discover more about the University of Chester's Zoology and Animal Science Courses

Explore Animal Science Jobs

STEM Activities for Schools and Colleges

STEM Outreach activities are designed to inspire young people and raise awareness of higher level study and future career opportunities in STEM, whilst also providing curriculum enhancement and enrichment. Our STEM activites and events for schools and colleges give opportunity to see what ‘real’ engineers and scientists do, through practical applications and problem solving activities in Science, Engineering and Mathematics.

Find out more about STEM Outreach at the University of Chester