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Calling all learning leaders who can enact change, place a greater value on socially engaged practices, and contribute to redefining the ‘creative industries’.

We are looking for up to 6 different artists or creative practitioners with significant experience in socially engaged practice to deliver an interactive, evening webinar in your chosen area and building on the conversations outlined in the ‘Whose Culture’ conference report.

As a Radical Rippler you will:

  • Run a session in a series of conversations
  • Attract and inspire colleagues who are yet to fully appreciate the value of this type of work, especially those responsible for curriculum content – teaching and learning.
  • Provide opportunities to creatively disrupt and create radical ripples, positively impacting attitude, practice and policy in the training of artists of all disciplines beyond the boundaries of the webinar series.

Priority will be given to artists and creative practitioners who attended the original conference in September. A one-off fee of £400 (including preparation) per artist will be provided.

Please submit a provocation for consideration in one or more of the following formats:

  • A written abstract of up to 300 words
  • A 3-minute (max) audio commentary or video

Your submission needs to outline your intention behind this provocation and your anticipated outcomes for the webinar. Your provocation can be based on an agenda item you nominated at the conference or a new but related idea. You may submit more than one webinar suggestion but, if selected, you will lead only one webinar involving one provocation.

If you are interested please submit your abstract, audio commentary or video, along with your CV and the attached application form to Richard
Please submit all audio commentary’s using MP3 format & all videos using MP4 format.

" a multi-talented professional who is capable of and dedicated to various activities, including performing [or creating] - and being a teacher, an administrator, an artistic entrepreneur, and a person whose understanding of his or her political, economic, and cultural environments can improve communities and their people through artistic initiatives."

— Polisi, J.W