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Over the past twelve months, we have been working with the Midwifery team to introduce arts-based elements into the new programme. These arts-based learning experiences build upon similar elements pioneered in the Nursing programme and contribute to the growing portfolio of innovative Creative Health training at Chester, such as:

  • Theatre-based induction experience: A way for new students to form social bonds and connections with members of staff and a sense of belonging.
  • Sketchbook, multimedia journals: A way to document and make sense of university learning and placement experiences, as well as a method to support personal and emotional wellbeing during studies.    
  • Movement: A way to learn about their physical selves, how their physicality can impact on both people and spaces as well as how their sense of touch can support positive communication, relationships and trust.
  • Theatre-based process: To maximise immersive simulation learning experiences throughout the programme.