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During September and October 2022 we worked with TiPP and the Music and Performance students at our Kingsway campus to launch their learning at Chester with music making. TiPP’s Rock Up process was the basis for our project, an inspiring creative music project that TiPP deliver across the North West with young people engaging with youth justice teams.

"I learned how to come out of my shell."

— Participant

"I loved getting to know everyone on the course."

— Participant

This induction project enabled the Music and Performance students at Chester to immerse themselves in a creative experience that supported them to develop relationships with each other and form connections with staff, as well as make professional connections with our industry partner TiPP from the beginning of their course.

"We’re delighted to be working with the Philip Barker Centre and TiPP to provide an exciting collaborative project for our new students in order to welcome them to the start of their music degree and creative journey."

— Dr Ruth Dockwray, Associate Professor of Popular Music

The four-week project culminated in a special sharing of new music created and performed by the new students. Videos of the new tracks coming soon...

Credit: Sangita Mistry