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In 2019 we started our collaboration with Nursing colleagues in the Faculty of Health and Social Care to support the new simulation strategy. An evolving simulation for Nursing and Physician Associate students was developed, in which students were required to operate as a multi-disciplinary team and care for ‘patients’ as they would in a real world healthcare environment. We are combining Immersive Theatre theory and practice with simulation training to create a truly immersive learning environment.

"The simulation session was the best feature of the module as it allowed me to reflect on my practice in a safe environment along with my peers."

— Student Nurse

At the start of the process we worked with an acting coach to develop and deliver a series of workshops for faculty staff to develop their acting skills. Staff then adopted one or more of the characters in a new ‘simulated patient community’ and took part in the immersive simulation with the ability to embody a character and fulfil their role within the simulation.

"I thought the practice simulation with the actors was very useful."

— Student Nurse

We are now beginning to include other artists in immersive simulations to introduce and embed arts and health experiences through practice for Faculty of Health and Social Care students and build on the Creative Health and WHO Europe report recommendations.

"The module helped me to perform well during practice placement."

— Student Nurse

Further information about the Faculty of Health and Social Care can be found on our  Collaborators page.