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Wednesday 2nd February 2022, 1:15pm - 2:15pm

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Having a sense of ownership is one of the key factors in experiencing a positive, participatory arts experience. Participatory arts often has a narrative based in its transformational power, which places the art form as the element that achieves change rather than the person making positive change for themselves, on their own terms and in their own way. Enabling an environment in which people can feel and find their own sense of agency is therefore critical to the social benefit that the Arts and Culture sector readily promotes. However, artists enter participatory settings in a position of power, so how might we develop hospitality of surrender practice to support all involved in participatory experiences to find their own sense of agency?  


Ella Tighe

Ella Tighe is a dance artist based and born in Bradford, UK. She has a BA in Dance Making & Performance (Cov Uni, UK) and an MA in Performance Practices (ArtEZ, NL). Her practice works across dance, yoga and performance art. During her MA she undertook a 2 year artistic research entitled The Hospitality of Surrender; Redefining Agency in Dance Practice. She made the performance work FORMLESS, alongside a thesis and authoring a self-help style book. Her performance work is often collaborative, and she has produced works with textile designer Coco Cripps (UK), performance artist Antrianna Moutoula (GR/NL) and musician Nikkie Kemp (NL). Recent work has been performed at Nexus Festival Amsterdam, St Georges Garrison Church London, OT301 Amsterdam. Alongside this, Ella works with a solo dance practice which integrates yogic principles and philosophy with an improvisation-based practice. She archives this practice in an Instagram account entitled @thesolodancepractice. Ella is a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher; she runs personalised online yoga coaching, workshops and events through her platform Practice with Ella.

This webinar will be chaired by Associate Professor, Tatiana Chemi of Aalborg University, Denmark