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Amber Grennan

Anna had always had a look of innocence about her. Maybe it was her filled-out cheeks, her wide eyes, or her refusal to wear anything but old-lady clothes. Just short of forty-five, her hair was beginning to grey and skin beginning to sag around the eyes. She was used to getting what she wanted because no one could bare to hurt the feelings of a woman so small and sweet. It had been that way all her life, which was likely the reason why, when she was refused for the first time at age four in her reception class, she had reacted the way she did.
        In her defence, her teacher was a massive bitch. Sure, she had only just got back into class from her lunch break, but she didn’t need to pee then. She wanted to pee now. Her parents would always stop everything to ensure Anna got what she wanted, so now without her parents there she had to take matters into her own hands. Fat, tiny fists clenched and pigtails flying furiously, she had marched to the front of the classroom, hitched up her skirt and turned to stare at her classmates. Everything had been silent except for the powerful squirt of a liquid as Anna forcefully pissed all over the classroom carpet.
        She was doing the same now, only no one was watching and it was on her manager’s laptop atop his desk. If Michael didn’t want to give her the assistant manager position, that was fine. She didn’t really care that much about it. Afterall, it was just a job. She would just have to find a new boss who saw the potential in her. She felt the stream of orange piss come to a stop, shook off the remaining drops and pulled up her now soggy tights. After forty years of this you’d have thought she’d have been better at not getting piss on her clothes. She placed the sealed envelope on the desk, away from the growing puddle, and left with a victorious smile on her face.