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Applications are now closed for 2023 entry.

Please ensure that you have completed the following before commencing your application, in the order below.

Checklist for Applicants for MSC/PGDip Nutrition and Dietetics (2024 Entry)

  1. Supporting information

    Have you carefully read the Supporting information for Postgraduate Nutrition and Dietetics Applications 2024?

  2. Entry requirements

    Have you checked your modules, credits and levels meet the entry requirements?

    Biochemistry (minimum 20 credits at level 4 or above)
    Physiology (minimum 20 credits at level 4 or above)

    Plus, an additional 20 credits in a relevant science subject, such as one of the following, is required:
    Immunology (minimum of 20 credits); or
    Microbiology (minimum of 20 credits); or
    Pharmacology (minimum of 20 credits); or
    Genetics (minimum of 20 credits)

    All students need to have completed an undergraduate dissertation/research project

  3. Module outlines

    Have you obtained your module outlines/details of required modules, as specified above?

  4. Qualification transcript

    Have you obtained a copy of your degree/relevant qualification transcript (all years?

  5. Referees

    Have you contacted your referees?

  6. Dietetic department visit

    Have you visited a dietetic department within the last three years? (Optional)

    If so, please upload a completed Dietetic Department/Experience form, or obtain a certificate of attendance from a dietetic department open day. In either case, please ensure these are signed and dated by the supervising dietitian.

  7. English language proficiency

    Have you obtained evidence of your English language proficiency (if your first language is not English)? (This can be provided after you have applied)

  8. Funding

    Have you researched your funding options?

  9. Personal statement

    Have you prepared your personal statement (answers to specified questions)?

Please only commence and submit your application once you have completed these steps. This will reduce queries and delays with your application.

We will be unable to process your application if you do not provide all the necessary information before the deadline.