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Start Date
September, 2017
3-6 years
Learning Site
  • Riverside Campus Chester

Official policy and practice about inclusion might be commendable. It might be based on exceptional administrative experience and expert knowledge. But how is it understood by those on the receiving end? How is it experienced as lived reality? What does it mean for individuals and communities? Especially for the marginalised?

Why Study Inclusion and Marginalisation with us?

Education is supposed to be about more than knowledge. It is supposed to be about experience and the power to change. But what if your experiences don’t count? What if this means knowledge that might change your life for the better is simply not available to you?

At the University of Chester, our Inclusion and Marginalisation course explores these issues from a variety of exciting and rigorous perspectives, and will help you to research forms of marginalisation and inclusion with an emphasis on local experience.

Perhaps you are a teacher or other educationalist, or work in local government, or for a charity, or in some form of public service. Perhaps you are simply interested in individuals and groups of people who are marginalised. Most importantly, if you want to be part of a developing body of critical understanding about inclusion and marginalisation, on an innovative and exciting course, and have supportive tutors in a friendly environment, our Inclusion and Marginalisation course is precisely where you need to be.


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