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Start Date
September, 2016
1 year
Learning Site
Queen's Park Campus, Chester

Our Chester MBA is designed to provide aspiring managers, and those wishing to accelerate their management careers, with deeper understanding and up-to-date knowledge of a range of key topics and academic insights.

The Chester MBA is a three-stage programme of management learning, leading to a Master of Business Administration degree.

Why Study MBA (Master of Business Administration) Full-Time with us?

Why an MBA from the University of Chester?

  • Proven track record of delivering MBA courses to managers in both private and public sector organisations.
  • Uses proven management learning methods, including action learning, problem-based learning and experiential learning.
  • Stimulating high-tech learning environment.
  • One-to-one tutorial support.
  • Friendly, experienced and supportive staff.
  • Guaranteed living accommodation for international students (if required).
  • International heritage city location, home to world-class organisations in manufacturing, financial services and retail.
  • A new, world-class, ‘corporate specifi cation’ Business School in the heart of an industry hub.

Our course will enhance your career prospects when applying for managerial positions, as the in-depth academic and practical knowledge you have gained will be evident to your prospective employer. It also opens up opportunities outside your chosen programme of study, as it demonstrates both your ability to learn and your intellectual capacity.