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Cheshire Prize 2022 Winners List

This year there was no theme and entrants could write about anything that inspired them.

There are three age groups:

  • Primary (4-11) for short stories or poetry
  • Secondary (11-18) for short stories or poetry
  • Over 18 for short stories, children's literature, poetry or scriptwriting


The Winners are:

Primary Age Poetry

Ilsa Kelly – In the Forest of Fear

Primary Age Short Story

Jack Waring – The Golden Brooch

Secondary Age Poetry

Erin Molyneux - Two Lives, Two Christmases                                                                       

Secondary Age Short Story

Joseph Cannon - A Cold Night's Work                                                                                        

Adult Children’s Literature

Carol Howard - Delilah the Dragon                                                                                         

Adult Poetry

Jack Haworth - We Taught Dog be Dog, and Dog Taught us Be                                                       

Adult Short Story

Eve Naden - The Logbook of Platform 10                                                                                                                                                                


Jeremy Fletcher - Shallow  


Any queries about the competition should be emailed to or phone 01244 511344.