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With a wealth of knowledge and expertise on a wide range of topics, from the mainstream and high profile to the obscure and highly specialised, the University’s academics and researchers can provide a valuable and reliable resource for informed comment. This Directory, while not exhaustive, is intended as a reference point, indicating some key individuals who may be experienced in liaising with the media, in addition to being ideally qualified to talk authoritatively about their particular field.

How to contact the experts

To arrange an interview or request further information, please contact the Corporate Communications Department:

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Please click on the relevant subject area to find the specialist subjects for University of Chester staff:

Academic Quality and Standards

Ian Britton
Academic integrity.

Matt Fraser
Student experience surveys (including the National Student Survey).

Art and Design

Maxine Bristow
Textile practice; textile materials and processes in contemporary visual culture.

Steve Carrick
Scripting interactive multimedia artworks; digital 3D modelling and animation.

Tim Daly
Photography: materials and processes; digital printing.

Maggie Jackson
Visual imagery in Dante’s Divine Comedy from the fourteenth century to the present; nineteenth-century Scandinavian painting and imagery of light; interdisciplinary images of the Lincolnshire landscape.

Dr Tracy Piper-Wright 
Everyday photography culture (social media, selfies, photo-blogging); feminist visual culture; analogue photography; experiment and failure in creative practice and education.

Cian Quayle
Fine Art, Theory and Photography practices; Artist journeys and the modalities of travel embodied in the trajectories of other artists, including Kurt Schwitters in exile and the expatriation of Wirral-born writer Malcolm Lowry.

Jeremy Turner
Sculpture as historical, technological and cultural interface; interdisciplinary images of the Lincolnshire landscape.

Biological Sciences

Dr Nwamaka Akpodietye
Medical and molecular entomology; environmental entomology; insect vector control.

Dr Nick Fleming
Marine biology and ecology; aquaculture and fisheries; marine citizen science; marine biodiversity and conservation.

Dr Alison Fletcher
Primate behaviour and development; handedness in chimpanzees.

Dr Virginia Harvey
Proteomics and mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF, LC-MS/MS) and their application to zoology (wildlife crime and forensics, food fraud, illegal species trade, invasive species monitoring), and archaeology (species identification of archaeological animal bones, protein extraction from ancient ceramics).

Dr Lottie Hosie
Amphibian behaviour; conservation.

Dr Sonya Hill
Animal behaviour; animal welfare; conservation; primates (especially great ape species); zoos.

Dr Christina Stanley
Animal social networks; equine behaviour and welfare; behavioural ecology (wild animal behaviour).

Professor Tessa Smith
Biochemical markers of animal behaviour; behaviour of captive animals; hormones.

Dr Achaz von Hardenberg
Conservation biology; evolutionary ecology; mammals; long term monitoring.

Business and Management

Dr Tim Brown
Events management; charity and fundraising; virtual and hybrid events; events best practice; risk management and safety, sustainable events and projects.

Tao Chang
China Business Development; Chinese consumer behaviour; managing Sino-British partnership; international marketing; international business; corporate strategy.

Karen Cregan
Human Resources.

Lisa Conway
Organisational management; retail management; change management; marketing.

Victoria Evans
Entrepreneurship; entrepreneurial resilience; occupational resilience; coaching; creativity and innovation.

Dr Maeve Marmion
Tourism, health and well-being; heritage management and tourism; tourism ethics; sustainable tourism destinations.

Paul McKie
Lateral thinking and problem solving; strategic analysis and planning; market research; diversification; entrepreneurialism.

Dr David Perrin
Higher education accreditation; accreditation of prior learning.

Colin Potts
Tourism; destination development and management (former Head of Tourism in Chester and former President of the Tourism Management Institute).

Lisa Rowe
Degree and Masters Level Apprenticeships in Business and Management.

Cheryl Sørensen
Entrepreneurship and enterprise, human resource management and skills shortages in the UK.

Dr Jon Talbot
Doctoral study for practitioners in work; town planning and urban regeneration; professional lifelong learning; higher education policy and practice.

Dr Paul Turner
Human resilience; leadership and management; strategy; service delivery management.  

Dr Bert van Walbeek
Risk mitigation and crisis recovery management; travel and tourism management; hospitality management; business and leisure event management; service delivery management. 

Rayhan Zakaria
Human resources management. 

Dr Ying Zhao
Business management; entrepreneurship; entrepreneurial finance; crowdfunding; entrepreneurial education.

Centre for Foundation Studies

Marie Thomas
Social history, particularly in relation to evacuees in Second World War; early 1980s music in relation to socioeconomic and cultural changes in the West Midlands.

Chester Medical School

Professor Sandra Flynn
Orthopaedic nursing; care and compassion.

Dr Mohammad Amali

Dr Claire Lucas
Biomarkers in leukaemia, predicting clinical outcome.

Professor Elizabeth Mason-Whitehead
Social exclusion; stigma; vulnerable groups; teenage pregnancy; teenage parenthood; nurse recruitment; community nursing; stroke; violence experienced by health care workers; writing for nurses; gender and women’s issues.

Dr Gareth Nye
Human anatomy and physiology; human disease; pregnancy, maternal and fetal health; neonatal biology; placental biology.

Dr Jon Power
Bone biology, specifically osteoporotic bone loss using histological techniques; parasitology, especially nematode infections.

Dr Nilu Kannangara
Molecular parasitology; biomedical Sciences; immuno-parasitology; cell and molecular biology.

Dr Bethan Stallwood
Environmental biotechnology.

Clinical Sciences and Nutrition

Seóna Dunne
Maternal nutrition; breastfeeding; food poverty and insecurity.

Dr Stephen Fallows
Food and nutrition policy; and nutritional awareness and behaviour.

Dr Mike Morris
Exercise and health; obesity and weight management; physical activity; cardiac rehabilitation.

Dr Sohail Mushtaq
Nutritional biochemistry; micronutrient metabolism (vitamin D, iron, riboflavin); lipid metabolism; fatty acids.

Computer Science

Lee Beever
Games development; level design; mobile games; virtual reality; augmented reality.

Andy Davies
Web technologies and front-end website development; user experience and collaborative development; web-based video production and motion graphics; digital audio production; enhancing employability skills in higher education.

Dr Thaddeus Eze
Autonomic computing; trustworthy autonomics; cybersecurity; mobile ad hoc networks.

Ralph Ferneyhough
Games development; student employment; problem based learning; games engineering; games BAFTAs.

Professor Nigel W. John
Theory and application of computer graphics; virtual reality; augmented reality

Andrew Muncey
Automated assessment of programming; mobile systems and development (iOS, Android).

Toyosi Oyinloye
Cybersecurity (software exploitation and software protection techniques, pentesting, data visualisation for cybersecurity); computer programming (C, Python,Swift) machine learning; Internet of Things (IoT); smart cities.

Dr Helen Southall
Digital technology for history and heritage; the physics of music.

Dr Richard Stocker
Formal verification; multi-agent systems; human-agent-robot-teamwork; agent simulations.

Paul Underhill
Cybersecurity; firmware and embedded code manipulation; data science; Internet of Things (IoT)


Professor Jeff Adams
Creativity and democracy in education; contemporary arts in education; international perspectives on creativity; creativity in professional practices; professional development of teachers through the arts; using theory in educational research; documentary graphic novels and comics..

Anne-Marie Argyropulo-Palmer
Secondary education; music education; initial teacher education; early career teacher development.

Michael Bird
Primary education: geography; history; ICT; initial teacher training.

David Cumberland
Academies programme.

Dr Chandrika Devarakonda
Inclusion and diversity - concepts, theories; issues related to gender, race and ethnicity; special needs and disability; culture; English as additional language; religion; intersectionality; construction of early childhood; global perspectives of early childhood.

Dr James Holt
GCSE and A Level Examinations; Minority Religions including Baha’i, Jainism, Ahmadiyya Islam, Rastafari, Paganism, Humanism, Jehovah’s Witnesses; religion in fantasy literature especially J R R Tolkien and C S Lewis; the role of faith in the public sphere; Mormon/Latter-day Saint theology, doctrine, history and practice.

Dr Steve Lambert
Educational leadership development; leadership traits in education; post-compulsory education; further education; education policy, particularly funding policy, participation policy and raising of the participation age.

Professor Allan Owens
International work; Drama in education and other professions, including health, business and justice; inter-cultural applications of drama; the use of drama across subjects and disciplines in higher education; teacher training.

Dr Simon Poole
Cultural education; folklore; creativity in education; music education; international perspectives on creativity; creativity in professional practices; professional development of teachers through the arts; psychogeography in education; organisational wellbeing and wellbeing in education.

Dr Anjali Shah
Race and ethnicity in education; representation; unconscious bias and bias in teacher assessment; diverse and decolonised perspectives on education and curricula; diversity within the teacher workforce; retention of teachers.

Dr Mark Whalley
Educational leadership; physics education; teacher retention.


Dr Graham Atkin
Spenser; Shakespeare; philosophy, literature and friendship; emblems in literature.

Dr Peter Blair
South African literature.

Dr Ashley Chantler
Twentieth-century and contemporary literature; creative writing; modern textual editing; the films of Clint Eastwood.

Dr Matt Davies
Language and power; the stigmatisation of social groups in the news (e.g. migrants, trade unions); the power of opposites; historical roots and development of English; attitudes to English; corpus linguistics.

Dr Melissa Fegan
Irish literature (nineteenth and twentieth centuries); literary representations of the Great Famine; Emily Brontë: Wuthering Heights.

Dr Paul Flanagan
The English language; linguistic typology; adjectives; language, identity and popular culture; the Arctic Monkeys.

Dr Sarah Heaton
American literature and culture; nineteenth-century English literature and culture; clothes, fashion and fabric in literature.

Dr Harry Parkin - see Dr Parkin in the Kitchen Sessions on The Language of Surnames and in the Storyhouse Lunchtime Lectures - Surnames, Language and Identity in Cheshire
Surnames; place-names; historical dialects; history of the English language.

Dr Ian Seed
Teaching creative writing; the prose poem; the writings of Beppe Fenoglio; Italian Resistance literature; literary translation.

Professor Deborah Wynne
English literature and culture (nineteenth century); Victorian popular culture; women’s writing.

Geography and Environment

Professor Roy Alexander
Community action on climate change; geo-ecology; badlands; Spain.

Dr Namrata Bhattacharya-Mis
Flood risk management; research; international development; geography.

Dr Rebecca Collins
Sustainable consumption and production (especially clothing/fashion); waste production/amelioration; material culture of youth, home and family; low carbon communities; youth environmental activism.

Dr Martin Degg
Natural hazard assessment and mitigation; natural disasters: earthquakes; volcanoes; geo-education and community outreach; Middle East; Latin America.

Professor Derek France
Climate change; fieldwork; pedagogy; mobile technologies, smart devices; digital literacy.

Dr Graham Wilson
Sea-level change; palaeoclimatology; long-term environmental change; limnology.

Health and Social Care

Eoin Donnelly
Art psychotherapy.

Dr Valerie Gant
Family carers; young carers; social work.

Deborah Haydock
Public Health; leadership, mentorship and practice education; specialist community public health nursing; post registration and post graduate health care education; community health and wellbeing.

Nahim Khan - see Nahim in An expert explains ... antimicrobial resistance
Pharmacy; pharmacology; medicine-taking behaviour; prescribing.

Fiona Lee
Health visiting; public health; community health and well-being.

Professor Andy Lovell - See Professor Lovell in An expert explains...Defining Clinical Violence: The Problem of Complexity
Self-injury and learning disability; learning disability and the criminal justice system.

Jo Lowndes
Mental health; adult safeguarding, service user involvement, wellness recovery action planning, Mental Health First Aid, forensic nursing.

Dr Victoria Ridgway
Nurse education.

Victoria Shore
Social work; transition; learning disabilities; autism.

History and Archaeology

Dr Hannah Ewence
Modern British-Jewish history; British immigration history and race relations; the modern history of the East End; the development of the British suburbs.

Professor Peter Gaunt
English Civil War; Oliver Cromwell; castles (eleventh to fifteenth centuries); Chester (history); Cheshire (history).

Dr Tim Grady
Modern German history; First World War; German-Jewish history.

Dr Donna Jackson
The US Constitution and Constitutional History; American politics; the Carter administration; modern American history; history of the Cold War era, including foreign policy towards Vietnam/developing world; Beatles heritage.

Dr Caroline Pudney
Archaeology of Iron Age and Roman Britain; public archaeology; archaeological material culture.

Professor Graeme White
English history from the Norman Conquest to Magna Carta; Cheshire Magna Carta; the medieval English landscape (especially field systems, settlements, castles, monasteries); the earldom of Chester, history of the University of Chester. 

Professor Howard Williams
Archaeology of death, burial and commemoration (mortuary archaeology); early Middle Ages, including the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.

Dr Katherine Wilson - see Dr Wilson in An expert explains ... hidden narratives behind medieval art
The late Medieval Burgundian Netherlands; Burgundian tapestries; luxury textiles of the later Middle Ages; the material culture of Burgundian Netherlands.

Human Resources

Kathryn Leighton
Equality and Diversity from an operational and practical implementation perspective, relating to staffing and management in Higher Education.

Institute of Gender Studies

Professor Emma Rees
Gender; feminism; women's rights; domestic abuse; violence against women; trans inclusivity; sexuality; vaginas.

International Centre

Jonathan Pritchard
International student marketing; recruitment and admissions; student visa route.

Languages and Cultures

Dr Mark Gant
Nineteenth century Spanish politics; religion and fiction, particularly the works of Carlos Frontaura; protestant churches in Spain; contemporary Spanish culture and society.

Dr Brenda Garvey
Contemporary French and francophone; West African written and oral literatures.

Dr Christopher Hull 
Brian Clough and Peter Taylor at Hartlepool United Football Club (1965–67); Graham Greene in Cuba, his 1958 novel/1959 film ‘Our Man in Havana’; British-Cuban relations. 

Carmen Usategui
Theories of modern foreign language learning.


Professor Chantal Davies
Discrimination; human rights; employment law; equal opportunities.

Andrea Todd
Student voice; student-parents in higher education; Qualifying Work Experience (QWE) under the Solicitors’ Qualifying Exam; QWE and university legal advice clinic work.

Learning and Information Services

Brian Fitzpatrick
Library services; learning and information services; media services; e-books; student learning spaces.

Charlotte Gleeson
Academic library liaison; information literacy; engagement with resources.

Fiona McLean
Library procurement; ebooks; library collection management.

Claire Norton
Libraries management; space management; information management.

Mark Sargison
Audio-visual equipment; photography; video production; audio production; digital signage; audio-visual installations.

Joanna Shepherd
Library systems; ebooks.

Helen Thomas
Open Access.

Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions

Ric Bengree
University sector application trends (regional and national); demand for higher education; applicant demographics and attitudes.

Dr Michael Richards
Inclusive design; street furniture design; zoo accessibility; wayfinding.

Vicki Riley
Progression routes (pre-Higher Education to university; workplace to university); pre-Higher Education curriculum.

Sean Williamson
Progression routes (pre-Higher Education to university; workplace to university); pre-HE curriculum.

Music, Media and Performance

David Atkinson
Travel/ travel writing; men/family/fatherhood issues; magazine journalism; the changing nature of the media.

Dr Katie Barnett
Hollywood cinema; film, media and family representation; masculinity in film and media; fatherhood in film and media; siblinghood in film and media.

Ben Broughton
Performance and new media technology; popular music; live performance; arts management.

Dr Ruth Dockwray
Popular music; musicology and history/contexts; rock anthems and football anthems; music of Queen; audio spatialisation; video game music and audio; semiotics of music.

Dr Mark Duffett
Popular music audiences; media fans; Elvis Presley.

Professor Paul Johnson
Theatre and science; theatre in heritage sites and museums; contemporary theatre and performance..

Dr Christopher D. Lewis
Classical music; contemporary classical music; harpsichord music (especially harpsichord music) in both contemporary classical and popular music genres; marketing and social media for musicians.

Jim Mason
Music production; Official UK Singles Chart; commercial pop music..

Dr Shelley Piasecka
Drama pedagogy; theatre directing; contemporary performance practice.

Dr Simon Gwyn Roberts
News media and identity; the communication of place; Welsh news media.

Professor Darren Sproston
Composition; contemporary music; Roberto Gerhard; minimalism (in music); musical analysis.

Physical, Mathematical and Engineering Sciences

Mohammad Samar Ansari
Neural networks; machine learning; Internet of Things (IoT); smart cities.

Professor John Brammer
Bioenergy; gasification; pyrolysis; computational fluid dynamics.

Dr Andrew Fogg
Inorganic and materials chemistry including separation and absorption processes; STEM outreach.

Alice Gillett
Surface wettability; antimicrobial surfaces; laser material processing/engineering; microbial attachment.

Dr Simon Hodgson
Surface engineering; 2nd and 3rd generation photovoltaics; photon management; laser processing; applications of nanoparticles and  quantum dots; antimicrobial surfaces.

Professor Joe Howe
Local energy zones; energy systems; renewable energy; hydrogen; carbon capture and storage.

Dr Mark McAuley
Computational quantum mechanics; novel devices/materials/pharmaceuticals; first principles; atomic modelling.

Dr Theodoros Papadopoulos
Electronic structure modelling; computational surface science; charge transport; organic and perovskite solar cells.

Professor Julieanna Powell-Turner
Environmental sustainability; material criticality; sustainable supply chains; circular thinking; wastes management; People's Republic of China.

Dr Graham Spink
Computational quantum mechanics; novel devices/materials/pharmaceuticals; first principles atomic modelling.

Dr Richard Stocker
Formal verification; multi-agent systems; human-agent-robot-teamwork; agent simulations.

Professor Steve Wilkinson - see Professor Wilkinson in An expert explains ... material balances
Chemical engineering process simulation; computational modelling; bioprocessing, design optimization; scheduling.

Dr Yubin Yan
Numerical methods for nonlinear partial differential equations (deterministic and stochastic); numerical methods for Volterra integral and integro-differential equations; the finite element method; stability analysis and controllability for convection diffusion system; and the Navier-Stokes equation.


Dr Janine Carroll
Health psychology; coping with chronic pain; dementia.

Dr Margaret Cousins
Developmental Coordination Disorder/Dyspraxia.

Dr David Gordon
Evolutionary psychology and human behavioural ecology; evolution of cooperation and punishment; evolution of leadership.

Dr Liane Hayes
Cognitive and clinical psychological aspects of women’s reproductive health, development of learning materials.

Dr Julie Kirkham
Child development and learning; children's play; imaginary friends; child art and drawing.

Professor Moira Lafferty
Applied sport psychology; initiation activities in sport; developing positive relationships in elite junior sport; parents, performers and coaches; sport psychology professional practice; practitioner training.

Dr Monica Leslie
Eating disorders; neuroimaging; psychosocial oncology.

Dr Lindsay Murray - see Dr Murray in An expert explains ... animal psychology
Animal behaviour, especially primatology; personality psychology; self-awareness and Mirror Self-Recognition (MSR).

Dr Lisa Oakley
Spiritual abuse; child abuse linked to faith or belief; safeguarding in faith communities and researcher's experiences of conducting socially sensitive research; qualitative data analysis.

Dr Jeremy Phillips
The psychology of work and working; social psychology, particularly the psychology of attraction and love; forensic psychology, crime and criminal profiling.

Dr Paul Rodway
Hemispheric differences in emotional processing; laterality.

Dr Astrid Schepman
Psychology of language, particularly prosody and intonation.

Dr Michelle Tytherleigh
Psychological wellbeing; occupational stress and work wellness; positive psychology, including happiness; emotional intelligence; the effects of stress on the immune system (psychoneuroendocrinology).

Dr Mandy Urquhart
Development of self-awareness in infancy.

Sarah Vaughan
Autism, and other psychiatric conditions; pain and sensory processing; including pain processing in psychiatric conditions; quantitative statistical analysis, including large public data sets.

Dr Heather Wilkinson
Long-term forgetting in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy; memory; cognition and emotion; mental health.

Dr Liz Whelen - see Dr Whelan in the Kitchen Sessions on Why Did People Buy All That Loo Paper? Using Psychology to Explain Panic Buying
Illness beliefs; quality of life in cardiac patients; pain research; psychological influences on food choice.

Dr Clea Wright - see Dr Wright in An expert explains ... behaviours of lying
Deception detection and assessment of credibility, particularly in real life, high stakes contexts; investigative interviewing.

Social and Political Science

Dr Mark Bendall - see Dr Bendall in the Kitchen Sessions on Protest, Propaganda and Pandemics The Politics of COVID-19
British and American politics, contemporary and twentieth century; ethical media (corporate social responsibility); corporations and crime; recorded crime; violent crime; gender discrimination; sexuality discrimination; celebrity; popular culture.

Dr Julia Bennett
Community and belonging, in particular place-based communities; community events; community groups/volunteering; nostalgia, particularly based around place.

Dr Peter Cox
Cycling; sustainable transport; infrastructure for cycling and walking; sustainability policy; activism and social change.

Dr Michael Francis
Politics; international relations; community engagement; involuntary resettlement planning and redress; socio-economic impact assessments; monitoring and evaluation; qualitative and quantitative research; policy research and impact.

Reverend Professor Peter Gubi
Counselling; psychotherapy; spiritual direction; Moravian Church; reflexive groups for Clergy; counsellor training.

Dr Andrew Reeves
Counselling and psychotherapy; mental health; suicide and self-injury; men’s mental health; psychological interventions in higher education; ethics.

Dr Jayne Price - see Dr Price in the Kitchen Sessions on Representations of ‘Deviant’ Children and Young People: From Mods to Covidiots
Young people and young adults within custodial settings; turning 18 within prison.

Dr Joseph Rigby - see Dr Rigby in the Kitchen Sessions on A Natural Disaster? The Sociology of COVID-19
Social theory and philosophy; post-structuralism; political thought inspired by a reassessment of Marxism; post-Cartesian theories of political subjectivity, globalisation and politics of immigration.

Sport and Community Engagement

Kirstie Simpson
Sport development; sport policy; strategic management and sport; European sport development; international sport education.

Sport and Exercise Sciences

Dr Daniel Bloyce
Sport policy; London 2012 legacy policy; active travel; money in the lives of professional sports people.

Dr Carmel Edwards - see Dr Edwards in An expert explains ... why athletes self-handicap
Applied sports psychology.

Professor Ken Green - see Professor Green in An expert explains...Sports Participation in Scandinavia: What can we learn in the UK?
Physical education; youth sport; sports participation; PE and sport in Norway and the Scandinavian countries.

Professor Kevin Lamb
Exercise physiology; perceived exertion; assessment of physical activity; movement analysis.

Dr Nicola McWhannell
Physical activity; bone health and body composition (paediatric and adult); physical activity; health and fitness interventions; school based interventions.

Dr Edd Thomson
Boxing; combat sports; sports science; injury risk.

Professor Paul Worsfold - see Professor Worsfold in An expert explains ... optimising the movement of an athlete
Sports biomechanics; sports engineering, equipment testing and development; performance analysis; GPS analysis.

Student Services

Barry Brown
Student behaviour; student safety; liaison with the local community; professional suitability procedures.

Adam Crane
Internships; placements; employer-related experiential learning; employer/business engagement in higher education.

Professor Helen Galbraith
Student services; student experience; student success; Office for Students; student access and participation.

Sandra Hughes
Exit interview process; University of Chester’s Sanctuary Award.

Kara Joynson
Sexual misconduct support.

Ryan Miller
Disability legislation; inclusive practice; Disabled Students’ Allowance; Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans; epilepsy support plans; sensory impairments; social communication difficulties; mental health-related disabilities.

Jamie Morris
Student trans and transexual support.

Kelsey Norkett
Supporting students with maternity related issues; complex student finance queries.


Professor Roy Alexander
Community action on climate change; geo-ecology; badlands; Spain.

Dr Rebecca Collins
Sustainable consumption and production (especially clothing/fashion); waste production/amelioration; material culture of youth, home and family; low carbon communities; youth environmental activism.

Dr Peter Cox
Cycling and society; sustainable transport; sustainable communities.

Dr Rosa Fernandez - see Dr Fernandez in the Kitchen Sessions on What Do We Mean by a Green Recovery From the COVID 19 Economic Crisis?
Environmental and energy economics and policies; sustainable development; climate change; renewable energies; green economy; European integration; business ethics; health and food poverty.

Professor Joe Howe
Local energy zones; energy systems; renewable energy; hydrogen; carbon capture and storage.

Professor Julieanna Powell-Turner
Environmental sustainability; material criticality; sustainable supply chains; circular thinking; wastes management; People's Republic of China.

Theology and Religious Studies

Dr Hannah Bacon
Feminist theology and its engagement with Christian doctrine and orthodoxy; feminist theological approaches to secular dieting and weight-loss; Christian theology.

Dr Matthew A Collins
The Dead Sea Scrolls; Old Testament/Hebrew Bible; Second Temple Judaism; ancient Near Eastern mythology; New Testament contexts; Bible and popular culture.

Dr Wendy Dossett
Spirituality and addiction recovery, religious education, Buddhism.

Dr Ben Fulford
Christian doctrine; historical theology; systematic theology; the doctrine of the Trinity; the theology of Scripture.

Dr James Holt
GCSE and A Level Examinations; minority religions including Baha’i, Jainism, Ahmadiyya Islam, Rastafari, Paganism, Humanism, Jehovah’s Witnesses; religion in fantasy literature especially J R R Tolkien and C S Lewis; the role of faith in the public sphere; Mormon/Latter-day Saint theology, doctrine, history and practice.

Dr Steve Knowles
Christian theology; religion and popular culture; spirituality and popular music; philosophy of religion.

Dr Dawn Llewellyn - see Dr Llewellyn in An expert explains...Feminism and Religion: A Tricky Relationship
Feminism, religion and gender; contemporary Christianity; motherhood and childlessness..

Professor Paul Middleton - see Professor Middleton in An expert explains ... the first Christmas; An expert explains...Christian Views of the Afterlife
Martyrdom; religion and violence; New Testament and early Christianity; Jesus; Book of Revelation; Bible and sexuality.

Dr Wayne Morris
Religion and minority language groups; theology, disability and deafness; theology, religion and non-literate communities; Christian engagement with people of other faiths; theology; equality and human rights.

Thornton Energy Institute

Professor Joe Howe
Local energy zones; energy systems; renewable energy; hydrogen; carbon capture and storage.

Westminster Centre for Research in Veterans

Professor Alan Finnegan
Nursing; health and well-being; veterans; Armed Forces Community.