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Fostering sustainable business

Chester Business School has been a committed signatory to the Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) since 2009 and the six PRME principles form a core part of our identity.

We are known for our innovative pedagogies, enterprising culture and excellent student satisfaction and our vision is to be at the heart of professional communities, driving responsibility, ethics and sustainability in practice.

We are proud of the impact we are creating in the world through

  • the ethically-minded educational programmes we deliver
  • our sustainability ‘aware’ citizen students
  • the international research programmes we lead and contribute to including:
    • Policy work around decent work places with young people
      • (see our RE-WORK project examining the work-livelihood narratives and social practices of young people belonging to ethnic minorities in Vietnam)
    • Trade agreements for a safe transition into a post-brexit or post-covid world
      • (see PETRA, exploring how international trade can improve human health and prevent non-communicable diseases)
    • The businesses we support to become more environmentally friendly
      • (See  CREST offering support to SMEs who want to reduce their environmental impact, or develop new products or services).

We invite those seeking to develop partnerships to contact us and explore how we can do this together.

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