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Our research focuses upon different aspects of development and well-being across the lifespan, including implications for education and practice. We have strong local and national links with voluntary and public sector organisations and collaborate on research projects and audits.

Meet our team

Lab Co-ordinator: Lisa Oakley Associate Professor

Ros Bramwell, Professor

Dr Hayley Gilman, Senior Lecturer

Julie Kirkham, Senior Lecturer

Julian Lloyd, Senior Lecturer

Linda O’Neill, Senior Lecturer

Mandy Urquhart, Deputy Head of School

Sarah Vaughan, Lecturer

Some of our current projects

  • Safeguarding children and young people in international Christian work (Dr Lisa Oakley & Dr Moira Lafferty)
  • The long-term effects of parental divorce in the typical population – examining attachment to parents and partner, current relationship satisfaction, self-esteem, anxiety and depression (Dr Linda O’Neill & Dr Julian Lloyd)

  • The role of private speech in primary school children's drawing development (Dr Julie Kirkham)

  • Evaluating an intervention programme for mothers who are at risk of, or have had, their children removed (Dr Lisa Oakley & Dr Mandy Urquhart)

  • Motivations and obstacles relating to the decision to foster (Dr Mandy Urquhart & Dr Hayley Gilman)

  • Developing understanding and effective support for victims of Domestic abuse in the Christian Faith community (Dr Lisa Oakley & Dr Clea Wright)

Recent publications

Oakley, L., Kinmond, K., & Humphreys, J. (2019). Safeguarding Children who are exposed to abuse linked to faith or belief. Child Abuse Review, 28, 27-38.  

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