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Our department has a strong commitment to the University of Chester mission to serve and improve the communities within which we live and work.  Much of our research is on the application of psychology to change and understand behaviour in the real-world, and it is important to us that we see the difference that our work is making.  Here are just a few examples of how our research is demonstrating a positive impact on our local, national and global communities:

  • Our research into bullying and peer-relationships in the school setting has led to changes in bullying and harassment policies in our local schools, and has been recognised by leading charities, such as the NSPCC.
  • Our animal behaviour researchers work closely with Chester Zoo to better understand issues of animal welfare, and we have developed collaborations with Knowsley Safari Park to study the baboon troop, and maintain relationships with animal conservation areas in Mexico to monitor wild animal behavior and to address the challenges faced in this setting.
  • Our work in psychosocial oncology has led to a better understanding of who may be most at risk of psychological distress following a cancer diagnosis, and how we might better support them in dealing with this stressful event.  We are working closely with Maggie’s Centres in the UK, and CanTeen in Australia, to develop and implement Acceptance and Commitment Therapy based interventions to support cancer patients, their carers, and family members in dealing with their cancer related distress and anxiety.
  • Our research into memory and police interviewing has led to a greater insight of the needs of vulnerable witnesses, and has led to improvements in interviewing techniques available to police officers. Our work has been endorsed by the Advocate’s Gateway, and presented to police officers and criminal justice practitioners across the UK, Europe and America.