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Sophie Brinkworth

She had told her mum it was useless even buying one, that she wouldn’t use it. She was never any good at saving and, besides, she was a vegetarian. It just wouldn’t work.
        Lately however, she had grown quite fond of the pig. The little smile curved under its snout had become a great comfort to her. Sometimes she’d even chat with it, when they were feeling up to it of course. He wasn’t much of a talker.
        A month later, it was almost full.
        She would need about 200; this was going to be the trip of a life time.
        ‘I think it’s time we got you a friend.’
        The pig smiled. She could tell he was excited.
        The next day she went to the shop and found a large lilac llama-shaped bank. It was to die for. She squealed. ‘I can’t wait to see his face.’
         Humming, she placed the llama by the till.
        ‘Saving for a rainy day?’
        She smiled. ‘You could say that.’ She glanced at the shelf next to the lady and grabbed a box of paracetamol. ‘Always seem to run out just when you need them.’
        She got home and bounded up the stairs, placed the llama next to the pig on the windowsill and waited for a response.
‘So, how do you like him? Oh, please tell me you like him. He was so nervous about meeting you, he told me in the car he was never any good at first impressions.’
        The pig smiled.
        She took the pack of paracetamol from her coat pocket and popped the pills onto the bed. With a clunk, she placed each one into the new friend and shoved the empty box underneath her mattress with the rest.