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iJADE Conference 2016

18th & 19th November 2016: Drawing

The Impact of Creative and Cultural Education and Faculty of Education and Children's Services Postgraduate Conference

Friday 1st July and Saturday 2nd July

Valuing Cultural Education

Valuing Cultural Education on Friday 3rd July and Saturday 4th July

Participatory Consultation Process

Frodsham Good Shed Evocative Report 2 May 2015

ABIs - Art-Based Initiatives in Innovation Management

1-3rd October 2015 - Taulun Kartano, Toivakka, Central Finland. The programme is taught mainly in English.

iJADE Conference 2015

6th - 7th November 2015: Glasgow School of Art

IFKAD - Culture, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

10th - 12th June 2015: Rattling - Arts Based Initiatives in Learning and Transformation

Manager 2.0 - National Police Academy, HAMK Finland

28th - 29th October: A two day creativity workshop led by Dr Anne Passila and Prof Allan Owens

"Can Theatre Change the World?" Estonian National TV

Allan Owens recently featured in a TV programme on Estonian National TV.

Uni at the Fest: Professor Allan Owens

Uni at the Fest: Professor Allan Owens Storytelling in Complex Situations

iJADE Conference 2014

24th - 25th October: Collaborative Practices in Arts Education

Artlab: International Summer School

25th - 27th August: Third: Space for Learning on Artists and Organisations

Funding Secured from the Society for the Advancement of Management Studies

RECAP has successfully secured funding from the Society for the Advancement of Management Studies

Michael's Story: Developing Understandings of Gypsy Traveller Culture

Thursday 15th May: Launch of an innovative new teaching resource

Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Communities: A Lived Experience

Wednesday 14th May: A two hour workshop in association with FRED.

Spring 2014 Education Seminar Series

January - April: The Spring Seminar Series in the Faculty of Education and Children's Services

2014 Wagamama NK Pre-Text

10th - 19th April: Allan Owens & Naomi Green in collaboration with Taichi-kikaku Theatre Company

What Stories Shall We Tell About Palestine?

Wednesday 26th March: An Interactive Session with Dr Hala Al Yamani and Dua'a' Quire

Innovative Approaches to Consultation: Frodsham Goods Shed

Saturday 15th March: An evocative report from nine participatory groups

Learning Jam / Innovaatiotoiminnan Oppimisjamit

Wednesday 5th March 2014: Policy level officers, artists, business managers, consultants, facilitators and researchers gathering together to learn from each other

Noh Hamlet

Professor Kuniyoshi Munakata Ueda - Noh Hamlet in the latest edition of the ISHCC Bulletin

National Seminar: A Seriously Playful Approach to Language Teaching

Thursday 27th February: Pedagogical University of Vienna, Austria

Seminar Series: Jacques Ranciere: The Ignorant Schoolmaster

Wednesday 29th January: Five Lessons on Intellectual Emancipation

Seminar Series: Games and Meaning

Wednesday 11th December: The Rhetoric of Puerto Rico and Beyond

IJADE and NSEAD Conference 2013

15th and 16th November: Art For Life: Race, Gender, Disability and Class - Critical Discourses Around Participation in Arts Education

Arts and Innovation Discourses

Thursday 14th November: Performing Arts for Innovation and Organisational Development

RECAP Inaugural Meeting

18th October: Inaugural Meeting for Research into Education, Creativity and Arts Through Practice (RECAP)

RECAP Launch Event

6th July: RECAP Launch at Faculty of Education and Children's Services PGR Conference