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All International students who come the UK to study on a course which is 6 months or longer are eligible for full health care under the National Health Service (NHS).

You will need to register with a surgery near to your accommodation before you can make an appointment to see a doctor.

Free services include hospital treatment as an in-patient, treatment of any pre-existing conditions you may have as well as registering with a Doctor. You will still need to pay for some services, such as prescriptions (currently £8.40 GBP in England), dental treatment and eye tests.

How to Register

Find your nearest Doctors surgery – you can do this using the UoC app!

UoC App -> Support -> Local Services -> GPs and A&E

Or you can find your nearest GP by using this link

To register you can either download the registration forms from your chosen surgery’s website or go to the surgery and request to register.

Out of Hours Help

18.30pm – 8.00am if you call your doctors between these hours you will be directed to an out of hour’s service who will assist you.

NHS 111 (Non-Emergency)

If you are experiencing a non-emergency situation, but are unsure if you need to be seen by a doctor you can call the NHS  non-emergency line on 111 who will go through your symptoms and advise you on the best course of action.

Emergency Only 999

Please only call this number if you, or somebody you are with needs urgent medical attention