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Thursday 17th February 2022, 1:15pm - 2:15pm 

Rejection can be hard to handle and is an often-hidden everyday experience for many artists. Conversations about rejection are not a usual part of artist training, which can focus on success and progression. With the rise of social media, the trumpeting of success may be skewing our perceptions of the success of others and how we compare to our peers. With little discussion or light shining on rejection it is rarely considered something from which to artistically develop, but what if it were and how might it feature in artist training? Shonagh Short shares what might happen if we embrace rejection as we explore how doing so during training may help us achieve our artistic ambitions. 

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Shonagh Short

Shonagh Short been a creative producer for twenty years, commissioning and managing complex public art initiatives and socially engaged projects for a wide range of organisations. She is also a practising artist, and in the last year has completed commissions for FACT Liverpool, Manchester international Festival, Heart of Glass, Artwaves Festival, Quiet Down There and Pink Collar Gallery.  She has been artist-in-residence on the Limehurst estate in Oldham since 2016, supported by Regenda Homes and Arts Council England. Shonagh has an MA in Creative Writing, an MFA from the University of Central Lancashire, and is currently working on a practice-led PhD with In Certain Places.