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Chester Community Energy Ltd is a registered cooperative (community benefit society) which aims to develop, own and facilitate renewable energy installations for the benefit of the community of Chester and surrounding areas. The society is run by volunteers and aims to reduce the community's carbon footprint and promote environmental awareness and energy efficiency.

In 2016 the society successfully installed a 50KW solar PV panel array on a public building in Chester by raising capital through a share offer. Another potential project is to generate income from replacing florescent tube lighting with LED lights and receiving income from the resulting savings in electricity consumption. Not having the resources available to fully investigate such a proposal, the society was delighted to receive help from the Eco-Innovation Cheshire and Warrington project which is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Lancaster University has recruited an intern to work with the cooperative to investigate the technical, commercial and legal aspects of an LED replacement “pay back” scheme.

Sam Armstrong, Lancaster University intern says "My knowledge and skill set has developed as part of my work with Chester Community Energy, which has benefited my personal and professional development".

The project will demonstrate the financial viability of a particular project and produce a communication tool which can be shown to prospective hosts demonstrating the pay back system and its multiple benefits. The selected model is to be tested on a small pilot scheme, to be started by the intern and continued by the society.

"The quality of the students was high and the society was very pleased to offer the internship to an experienced and motivated post graduate student" said Graham Booth, Director of Chester Community Energy.

The society hopes that the research will establish whether it is practical to invest its funds or raise capital from a share offer to finance an LED replacement project that will generate income for the cooperative.

Eco-Innovation Cheshire and Warrington is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund and is a partnership between the University of Chester and Lancaster University.

If you’re an SME looking for support to a develop low carbon product or service please get in touch with Stephen at the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation on 01524 510745 or email.